Cycling Loire Valley: the Loire by bike trail

The great châteaux in Amboise, the Montlouis-sur-Loire vineyards, the pretty town of Tours, the chateau and gardens of Villandry, the castles of Langeais and Azay-le-Rideau, the royal fortress of Chinon… when you are preparing your cycling holidays in France along the Loire by bike trail (“The Loire à vélo”), don’t forget, along with the distances to ride, to set aside time for sightseeing.

For accommodation, there are campsites, hotels and guest houses all along the Loire by bike route. Many of them have the “Loire à Vélo” label, which means they propose good services, adapted to cycling visitors, like luggage transfer (Bagafrance…).

Practical tips to cycling Loire Valley:

Map of the Loire by bike route

Cycling Loire Valley, and tour the Loire Valley Chateaux, not far from Paris. French cycle holiday, a trip with beautiful view.

The Loire by bike route around the city of Tours

Download a pdf of the “Loire by bike” route to cycle in Touraine:









Cycling Loire Valley: dynamic map

Distances for the Loire by bike route

To prepare your stages each day, book your hotel for the night, and spot your Loire Valley chateaux visits, count on an average of 15 km/hour (around 9 miles/hour) and make your calculations using the distance table below.

Orléans Blois Amboise Tours Langeais Saumur
Orléans 65 km 103 km 130 km 159 km 209 km
Blois 65 km 38 km 65 km 94 km 144 km
Amboise 103 km 38 km 27 km 56 km 106 km
Tours 130 km 65 km 27 km 29 km 79 km
Langeais 159 km 94 km 56 km 29 km 50 km
Saumur 209 km 144 km 106 km 79 km 50 km

Cycling Loire Valley – Logistics

To get to the starting point of your route, or to come back again (for instance, if you have to pick up your car), connecting train services run to the stations of Blois, Amboise, Tours, Chinon and Saumur. In summer, the Train Vélo Loire operation even lets you take your bike on some trains (with specially designed carriages) running between Orléans and Nantes.

Also in summer, you can add some variety by crossing the River Loire free of charge by boat near Chapelle-sur-Loire (on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in July and August). The crossing, run by the boatmen of Les Vents d’Galerne, will open up the way to the Bourgueil wine region, where there are several cycling trails: Au gré de la Loire & Grands Crus et Belles Demeures. On the french website, you can find the different circuits and routes criss-crossing the Loire à Vélo trail.

Cycling Loire Valley is an easy travel for family (no relief). Taking you beyond Touraine, on the general website you can see the entire route from Cuffy (in the department of Cher) to Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), including the chateau of Chambord, the chateau of Blois, the royal chateau of Amboise, Tours and Chinon.

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