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On a sand bank, the terns bask in the sunshine. The Loire slowly flows by on its way to the sea, carrying traditional ‘gabares’, ‘toues cabanées’ and other canoes.

In the distance is the silhouette of a castle and, of course, houses built from tufa stone with slate roofs. That’s the essence of the Loire Valley: a serene atmosphere, soft light and beautiful, stylish built heritage matched with stunning gardens.

wine tasting on the river Loire

wine tasting on the river Loire

Local specialities

Local specialities

Domaine de la Tortinière - Montbazon

Domaine de la Tortinière - Montbazon

A big welcome to our local wine cellars

Loire Valley wine and its vineyard are an essential part of Touraine’s identity. Vouvray, Chinon, Bourgueil, Montlouis-sur-Loire… the vine stocks stand in their straight line on the hillsides and benefit from the mild climate. Above them can often be seen a few hot-air balloons floating by. They’re not speeding by either… they’re just being carried along by the wind.

About a hundred cellars surround the Touraine territory and you will have the pleasure to partake in current customs and the friendly locals just next to our most famous Loire Valley chateaux.

Art of living: a blend of gentleness and elegance

Touring cyclists enjoy every minute on the Loire by Bike trail, especially as the terrain is flat and smooth.

On their travels, they can take a seat on the terrace of an open-air cafe or guinguette and enjoy local specialities. Because the art of living here in Touraine naturally involves the pleasures of eating. Simple pleasures, such as fouace or flatbread topped with Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine goat cheese, as well as sophisticated dishes served in the stunning châteaux hotels dotted around Touraine in the Loire Valley.

The guinguette of Tours sur Loire

The guinguette of Tours sur Loire © Stevens Frémont

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