Touraine boasts a refreshing collection of remarkable gardens and parks, with beautiful colour harmonies, linear designs and original species of trees. Be sure to visit our delicious markets and pick up some fruit and vegetables grown in the ‘Garden of France’.

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The garden of France – right here!

The long tradition of parks and gardens in the Loire Valley was established during the Renaissance, and today Touraine still deserves to be referred to as “the garden of France”.

When the roar of their weapons was finally silenced, the fortresses evolved into vast countryside estates where gardens became genuine outdoor living rooms or salons. With the need for defences gone, the powerful and the wealthy found themselves vying with each other to create magnificent parks and gardens.

Villandry, the proof

The gardens of the Château de Villandry are today the most prominent example of this know-how. The estate is famous the world over for its fascinating French formal gardens, with as its centre piece its superb ornamental kitchen garden where varieties follow on from each other with the seasons. There is also a water garden, a sun garden and a medicinal herb garden.

Chateau du  Rivau garden’s – Lémeré

A journey through the garden of France

Alongside Villandry, there is a medley of gardens to visit in the Loire Valley, such as those at Le RivauSaint-CosmeLa BourdaisièreValmerChâteau Gaillard and the village-garden of Chédigny. Far from being copies of each other, these gardens have cultivated their own distinctive personalities!

Chedigny garden's

Chedigny garden's

Gardens of Prieure Saint Cosme - La Riche

Gardens of Prieure Saint Cosme - La Riche

Take an amazing multi-coloured journey through the gardens and enter the mysterious dreamland of artists and authors where gardens have been the keepers of secrets and witnesses to love affairs.

Gardens of the garden of France

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