Qualité Tourisme™ brand

With the aim of optimising our welcome to visitors and improving the quality of tourism services in France, the state launched the QUALITY TOURISM™ label in 2005.

Tourism professionals committed to your service.

The QUALITÉ TOURISME™ brand guarantees visitors top-quality services. The quality of services provided by tourist professionals with the label are regularly monitored independently. They are all committed to providing you with a warm and personalised welcome, clear and precise information, competent and attentive staff, clean and comfortable facilities and tips to explore the region. This label is awarded to top-quality service-providerscommitted to your satisfaction in:

  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants
  • Sights and monuments
  • Cafés and brasseries
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Seasonal rental agencies
  • Shops
  • Seminar venues
  • Tourist offices
  • VTC – Limousines

The “QUALITÉ TOURISME™” label is on display at the entrance of facilities for visitors

Focus on the sites with the QUALITÉ TOURISME™ brand

The high-quality approach to tourism and cultural sites in the Centre-Loire Valley region is the result of an active partnership set up by the Departmental Agency for Tourism in Touraine, at the request of the Departmental Council of Indre-et-Loire, the Centre-Loire Valley region and tourist sites, to guarantee that the Loire Valley respects the positive image that visitors have of the region.

Some 70 sites in the Centre-Loire Valley region are committed to this measure. In Touraine, the following sites have the QUALITÉ TOURISME™ brand :


Their commitments mainly focus on welcoming visitors (staff’s attitude, use of foreign languages, signage, etc.), the quality of infrastructures (cleanliness, complementary services during the visit, etc.), the visit itself (visitor safety, tools to help with the visit, etc.) and attentiveness to customers.

The Departmental Agency for Tourism in Touraine is always attentive to your needs and invites visitors to share their observations/suggestions to help us improve the quality of stays.

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