Royal Fortress of Chinon

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Forteresse_Chinon_Credit_ADT_Touraine_JC_Coutand-2030-1 Jean-Christophe COUTAND MEHEUT

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Forteresse_royale_Chinon_Machines_Guerre_Credit_Léonard_de_Serres Leonard de Serres

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Forteresse_Royale_de_Chinon_Drone_Tours_Credit_Gillard_Vincent Gillard et Vincent

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Forteresse_royale_Chinon_Chambre_CharlesVII_Crédit_Stevens_Frémont © Stevens Frémont

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Forteresse_royale_Chinon_Armure_Crédit_Stevens_Frémont © Stevens Frémont

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Forteresse_royale_Chinon_Tour_Parcours_Enfant_Crédit_Stevens_Frémont © Stevens Frémont

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Forteresse royale de Chinon Jean-Christophe COUTAND

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Chambre d’Aliénor en la forteresse de Chinon en Indre-et-loire le 8 janvier 2021. © -Christophe RAIMBAULT - CD37

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Forteresse_royale_de_Chinon_Credit_David_Darrault_2027 David Darrault

Right at the heart of the Loire châteaux, the royal fortress of Chinon is a unique medieval landmark in the Loire valley!
Nestling beside the River Vienne and numerous vineyards, this landmark of French history (Joan of Arc met Charles VII here in 1429 before liberating Orléans) has a range of visits on offer: guided tours, non-guided tours with a Histopad tablet (visit in augmented reality), tours with a booklet, visits for children, etc.
There is also an Escape Game, as well as activities especially designed for families during the school holidays.
The royal fortress of Chinon is about 50 km west of Tours. It is built on a rocky spur and provides a beautiful panorama over the River Vienne, the vineyards and the town cherished by Rabelais.
Great historical figures are associated with it, including Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry II of England, his son, Richard the Lionheart, the Dauphin Charles, Joan of Arc and even Jacques de Molay, the last grand master of the Knights Templar.
At the fortress there is a wide range of accessible visits. With a tablet, visitors can enjoy a tour in French sign language, a tour with an audio commentary and an immersive visit to areas that are inaccessible to people with reduced mobility. Guided tours in sign language for people with hearing difficulties, and tours adapted to people with visual and mental impairment are on offer on certain dates or on request.


Rating / Labels

  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • Plus Beaux Détours de France
  • Ville d'art et d'histoire
  • Accueil Vélo site de visite et de loisirs
  • Démarche d'excellence grands sites

Languages spoken

  • French
  • English

Comfort / services

  • Indoor children's games
  • Parking
  • Catering on site
  • Wifi


  • Full adult price : 10,50 € - Visite libre ou guidée
  • Discount rate : 8,50 € - 7/18 years old, students, disabled & large families
  • Group rate : from 7,50 € to 8,50 € - + 10 pers.
  • Other rates : from 17,00 € to 21,00 € - Monument Game Les Âmes perdues des Templiers
  • Free rate : - 7 years old, unemployed

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  • Debit cards
  • Cheques
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash
  • Money transfer