A garden of Eden in Channay-sur-Lathan

At the heart of the Touraine-Anjou countryside, this little-known garden is sure to arouse your curiosity. Through its diversity and the collections of plants cared for by Mireille Etavard, Mireille’s Garden will take you to a restful and relaxing world.

The landscaped areas are constantly changing and transport visitors to the ends of the earth through a range of different themes. The fragrant flowers and the bird song add to the pleasure for the eyes. Visitors love to stroll through this beautiful landscape with all their senses engaged.

A rich and varied collection of plants

Le jardin de Mireille, a garden of Eden, with numerous plants, flowers and trees. Mireille's marvellous garden in Channay-sur-Lathan. Loire Valley, France.

The garden of Mireille

The ornamental garden extends over about 10,000m²… enough to make for a rich and varied visit! In different seasons, you can admire a wide range of lovingly cared for plant collections, including hellebores, rhododendrons, peonies, irises, roses, clematis, hostas, coral bells, daylilies, hydrangeas and gramineae.

But the Garden of Mireille is also home to plenty of other wonders, with over 500 trees and bushes, 500 rose bushes, 1000 perennials, 120 climbing plants, 200 ericaceous beds and much else besides. A whole host of colours and fragrances to experience!

Garden entrance

Garden entrance

One of the wonders in Mireille's garden

One of the wonders in Mireille's garden

A thousand and one colours

A thousand and one colours

The origins of a wonderful garden

Mireille Evrard took her inspiration from her experiences and travel in designing the garden, which has a real exotic, faraway atmosphere: Morocco, China, Nepal, Tibet, Peru, Ireland… as well as a Zen area with a Japanese inspiration to round off the themed spaces. A small piece of England has also recently appeared, and other facilities may be added in the future.

Touraine and Anjou have also been celebrated in the garden since 2016, with plants and local craftsmanship evoking local history, geography and literature. You can see famous plants, including Ronsard’s rose and lilies of the valley.

Le jardin de Mireille - Mireille's marvellous garden in Channay-sur-Lathan. Loire Valley, France.

The garden pavilion

Cabins, fountains and even a pavilion embellish the site. The owner’s travel photos are also exhibited in the cabins in each themed garden. In short, a wonderful garden to visit in Touraine, a region sometimes (and quite rightly) known as the garden of France!

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