Charming chateaux

Celebrating the 500th hundred years of the Renaissance is the occasion to re-discover the extraordinary heritage of Touraine. In addition to the well-known chateaux in Chenonceaux, Amboise or Azay-le-Rideau, there are other charming chateaux, maybe less popular, but well worth the visit.

Over the past few years

The Royal domain of chateau Gaillard was opened to the public in 2015. Situated in Amboise close to the chateau and the Clos Lucé, it has remained forgotten for a long time despite a glorious history, hidden in the wild vegetation. 5 years of restoration have been necessary to recover this charming Italian style chateau to its former glory. Charles VIII of France was behind at the origin of the building of the monument and its gardens, which were designed by the greatest gardener in Europe: Dom Pacello de Mercoliano.

A few years earlier, visitors had had the pleasure to discover the chateau of l’Islette and its beautiful romantic park. After you have visited the chateau (once the residence of Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin), it is pleasant to go boating along the windings of the Indre river.

To complete your sightseeing tour, go to the Rivau chateau. You will be amazed by the architecture of the chateau as well as the 14 enchanting gardens, that will make you think to the fairy-tales from your childhood. You will surely enjoy the contemporary works of art displayed in the garden and inside the chateau. This year, thanks to the Renaissance celebrations, you can discover an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

The castle of l'Islette

The castle of l'Islette

The Rivau Chateau and its gardens

The Rivau Chateau and its gardens

Charming chateaux in the middle of the forest

Go and visit the chateau in Gizeux. This is a family friendly place where your children will enjoy the outdoor giant games, a treasure hunt, kids workshops or dressing up for guided tours. The adult visitors will be invited to a tour related to the history of the chateau including anecdotes about a horse that became a champion at the Olympic Games; a hidden paratrooper during the Second World War…

Discover another chateau, 20 kilometres away, called Champchevrier. The same family has been living there for 300 years and has kept the tradition of hunting with hounds (the oldest team in France dates back to 1804). Inside the chateau, you will discover an incredibly well kept collection of tapestries and beautiful “Regency” styled pieces of furniture.

Castle of Gizeux

Castle of Gizeux

Castle of Champchevrier

Castle of Champchevrier

Two unexpected charming chateaux

When you visit the château of Montpoupon, you will be transported back to the twenties! You will be invited to follow the Lady’s maid into the numerous rooms of the chateau. New and unusual! a giant Cluedo game is organised once a month!

The castle of Montpoupon - Charming chateaux in Loire Valley

The castle of Montpoupon – Loire Valley

10 kilometres further south, discover the silhouette of the château and the village of Montrésor (one the most beautiful villages in France). The history of the place is closely linked to Poland. The Polish lord Xavier Branicki, a friend of Prince Napoleon left an amazing collection of objects and pieces of furniture making the place worth the visit!

The castle of Montrésor - Loire Valley

The castle of Montrésor – Loire Valley

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