Accommodation at the waterside

A major river and many smaller ones cross Touraine, providing visitors with a range of accommodation at the waterside. On the banks of the River Loire, the Indre, the Cher, the Vienne or the Creuse, and next to a lake or a pond, the mind can roam even more freely. The ideal mood for a change of scene and a relaxing holiday!

And the happy tenants of the Château de Candes (photo below) will not deny it: the living spectacle of the confluence between the River Vienne and the Loire plays out before their eyes.

Right on the water

Let’s stay in one of the most beautiful villages in France, Candes-Saint-Martin. As well as trips in traditional boats, the Delaporte brothers organise nights on the River Loire on board their boat, L’Amarante. An unforgettable experience to enjoy with your loved one, and a wonderful stage for bicycle tourists on the Loire à Vélo trail. Visitors can enjoy the same kind of adventure a little further up the river, on board the Toue Reine, in La Chapelle-aux-Naux.

Recently, two campsites have also started providing original accommodation on the waterLa Nouvelle Plage (Veigné) and Onlycamp Le Sabot (Azay-le-Rideau).

Campsites at the waterside

And you will often find campsites located near rivers and lakes. These are popular spots for the peace and quiet, for the view and for activities linked to the water: just taking it easy, a restaurant with a view, fishing, standup paddleboarding, canoeing, etc.

On the banks of the lakes of Rillé and Chemillé-sur-Indrois, the Village Huttopia and the Coteaux du Lac campsite can boast all these assets.

While not forgetting these other great campsites: L’Ile d’Or and La Poterie (in Amboise and Mosnes, respectively, on the banks of the River Loire), L’Ile Auger (Chinon, on the River Vienne), and the River Camp (Civray-de-Touraine, on the River Cher).

The Village Huttopia, on the shores of Lake Rillé.

The Village Huttopia, on the shores of Lake Rillé.

La Poterie campsite

La Poterie campsite

Les Coteaux du Lac - Chemillé-sur-Indrois

Les Coteaux du Lac - Chemillé-sur-Indrois

Life in a windmill

It’s quite natural that many windmills were built on the waterside, taking their power from the river current. Down the years, some have been refurbished and changed into comfortable holiday homes in beautiful natural areas. It’s easy to picture yourself on a deck chair at the windmills (‘Moulins’) des ArtsLa RocheLa FollaineChareauBacchusRequeugne

Le Moulin des Arts, at the waterside. Holidays in Loire Valley, France.

Le Moulin des Arts

Other places to stay at the waterside

While we were taking a look at all the places to stay in Indre-et-Loire, we discovered some other great holiday spots:

By the waterside, in Neuil, France.

Domaine du Pont Salmois

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