The chef’s recipe by Vincent Cuisinier de Campagne

The following recipe has been elaborated by Vincent Simon alias Vincent Cuisinier de Campagne, whose restaurant is situated in the middle of the Bourgueil vineyards. It is a typical, authentic, and tasty recipe: The « Géline de Touraine » (a local fowl) pie with foie gras and herb sauce.

Feel free to adapt this recipe with the ingredients you have at your disposal. And when you visit Touraine, do not miss to come to his place called Vincent Cuisinier de Campagne and taste his savoury cooking.

Moreover, you are sure to spend a pleasant moment with Vincent and his wife. Both native of Belgium, they arrived in Touraine a few years ago and have chosen to be strong supporters of our beloved Touraine. Below, a quick overview of their restaurant:

Vincent Simon

Vincent Simon

Vincent cuisinier de campagne

Vincent cuisinier de campagne

The chef's recipe

The chef's recipe

Vincent cuisinier de campagne

Vincent cuisinier de campagne

To complete your day trip in this well-known wine area (AOC bourgueil), stop to visit a few nearby wineries: Lamé Delisle Boucard and the château de Minière.

Ingredients for the pie stuffed with fowl and foie gras (for 4 persons)

  • 1 fowl (géline de Touraine) of 1,2 kg
  • 1 bottle of rosé Bourgueil wine
  • 120 gr of raw foie gras
  • Vegetables : carrots, leaks ans celery
  • 2 eggs
  • Pie pastry : 500 g of flour, 180 gr of butter, 250 g of water, salt, thyme
  • Sauce: 2 slices of raw ham, 2 shallots, 50 gr of sunflower oil, 10 gr of cider vinegar, a bouquet of fresh herbs

The chef’s recipe

Start with a glass of the rosé wine for yourself…. And pour the rest of the bottle into a large pan.

Add the fowl and the diced vegetables. Season. Let it cook for 1h30.

Bake the pie pastry: heat the water, butter and thyme together. Pour the boiling mixture on the flour and mix quickly until you have a non-sticky smooth paste.

Cook the sauce: chop the shallots, cut the raw ham in small dice and chop the fresh herbs. Mix the whole and add 50 gr of the cooking juice of the fowl, the oil and the vinegar. Season.

Once the fowl is ready, take the flesh (chest and legs) off the bones. Drain the vegetables and mix them with an egg and the legs meat.

With the pastry, form a 12 cm diameter circle. Put the foie gras, a piece of fowl chest meat and a large spoon of your mixture (vegetables and legs meat).

Turn over the pastry to close the pie (like an apple turnover). Seal the sides and glaze with egg yolk. 20 minutes in the oven, 180 °C.

Enjoy your meal!

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