Little by little, Halloween makes its nest…

Still little celebrated a few years ago, Halloween has now naturally found its place in the annual calendar of events and celebrations of many castles and leisure venues.

A few words about the Halloween party

With its origins in the Gaelic religious festival Samhain (marking the passage between the light and dark seasons), Halloween is also naturally associated with the celebration of all the saints and of course, the cult of the dead. As autumn comes, the nights get longer, the temperatures get colder, nature slowly goes to sleep. As winter looms, Halloween can also be seen as a bravura, death-defying tradition. A challenge to the months to come.

Straight out of an Irish legend, Jack-o’-Lantern is its figurehead. The one who played the devil, and can go neither to hell nor to heaven, now wanders aimlessly, only illuminated by a piece of burning coal inside a pumpkin (when the legend crossed the Atlantic, the original turnip was transformed into a pumpkin… what do you expect, our American friends always see things in a big way). With him, a whole scary universe is declined, with bats, spiders, and other witches. Coming this time from Mexico, we also see more and more “calaveras” appearing, the famous skulls often adorned with many colorful decorations. In short, we play to be afraid, and the children (but not only…) love it. And if in addition, there are candy hunts, it is always better than a trick, so let’s have fun!

Halloween at the Château du Rivau

Halloween at the Château du Rivau

Jack-o'-Lantern pumpkins

Jack-o'-Lantern pumpkins


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What to do for Halloween? In leisure sites, museums, castles…

The Aquarium de Touraine, the Parc des Mini-Châteaux and Family Park: from October 23 to November 5, 2023, the atmosphere of Halloween settles in these 3 places very appreciated by the children.

The castle of Les Brétignolles: for the first time, discover the Halloween scenography in this castle. Demons, witches, skeletons, clowns and many more are waiting for you impatiently… From October 28 to November 5.

Halloween at Château GaillardChâteau Gaillard: from October 21 to November 6, special Halloween visits (3pm), ghost hunts, and a workshop for the little ones (creation of a nice monster) are intertwined to offer memorable moments. In the citrus kingdom, an orange or a spell?

The Domaine de Candé: Tours in “haunted castle” mode should attract many visitors on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October (every hour, from 10.30am to 5.30pm / bookings only via the e-ticketing service. And from 1 to 5 November, After Halloween extends the scare…

The castle and gardens of Rivau: from Saturday 28 to Tuesday 31 October, no witch hunt, but a candy hunt or a treasure hunt in the gardens, adapted to different age groups. On reservation. For 6-12 year olds, pumpkin carving workshops are also offered every day during the school vacations.

The castle of Gizeux: from Saturday 28 to Monday 30 October, the association of historical reenactment Saor Alba will run the place (shadow theater, tales, dances, fights, workshops…) on the theme of Samhain in a Scottish atmosphere, honoring the “Auld Alliance”, treaty of 1295 which marks the beginning of the Franco-Scottish alliance and friendship.

Château de Montpoupon: murder party at the castle Saturday, October 28

Cité Rétro Mécanique – Maurice Dufresne collection: on the afternoon of Sunday 29 October, a Giant Cluedo will lead investigators on the trail of Malcolm, Maurice Dufresne’s butler, who disappeared 30 years ago when the museum was inaugurated.

Grandes Caves Saint Roch – Blanc Foussy: on Tuesday 31 October 2023, special candlelight tour at 7pm, by prior arrangement. Better hold your breath, or darkness will be your only horizon…

Candy Hunting

Available at the Conservatoire de la Confiserie in Amboise, scary Halloween lollipops should save you from some tricks. Unless… 😉

At the Conservatoire de la Confiserie (Confectionery Conservatory), Halloween lollipops! France

At the Conservatoire de la Confiserie (Confectionery Conservatory), Halloween lollipops!

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