Ussé, Sleeping Beauty chateau

Once upon a time, there was a magical chateau overlooking the Indre and the Loire rivers… It was so wonderful that it inspired Charles Perrault to write his fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.

Charles Perrault, Le Nôtre, Vauban, Mansart, Chateaubriand…

Ussé, Sleeping Beauty chateau

Ussé, Sleeping Beauty chateau

The very popular fairy tale « Sleeping Beauty » comes alive as you discover the rooms of the chateau. Princess Aurora, the wicked fairy, the charming prince… all along the visit, children and adults alike are taken by this fantasy world.

Besides Charles Perrault, other great figures have contributed to the history of this place: Mister Le Nôtre to begin with. This gardener became renowned for his work in the gardens of Versailles. He showed off his skills in Touraine at the chateau of Ussé. And in order to admire the design of these magnificent gardens, Vauban imagined and created the terraces.

Later, the renowned French writer Chateaubriand brought Lebanon cedars from the Holy Land, to plant in the park. Inside the chateau the well-known French architect Mansart, created the majestic staircase.

All these contributions made this place unique and magical like the King’s room which was once occupied by Louis the 14th and later by Haïlé Sélassié, the emperor of Ethiopia.

The Sleeping Beauty chateau through the ages

As for most of the Loire Valley monuments, the building of the chateau covered several different periods of time. New buildings were added through the centuries, a testament to the evolution of architecture:

  • the crenelated towers dated from the Middle Ages;
  • the French Renaissance facade;
  • the classical styled pavilion (end of 18th century).

For plenty of reasons (rich and varied architecture, famous historical figures, a worldwide known fairy-tale, beautiful pieces of furniture…) you will enjoy an unforgettable experience at the chateau of Ussé.

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