The illuminated walking experience in the city of Tours

The city centre of Tours is well known for its lively and dynamic way of life due to the many pubs, restaurants and shops but also due to the 30 000 students living in town. The inhabitants are without a doubt proud of the richness of their architectural heritage and now, have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent lighting effects on of some of the main monuments.

The lighting all along the streets of old Tours

You can now enjoy the historical monuments in the old quarter of the city of Tours in a different lit up way (the half-timbered frame houses of the “place Plumereau”, the “Saint Pierre le Puellier garden, the place Chateauneuf with the Saint-Martin basilica and the Charlemagne tower, the Berthelot mansion and the clock tower).

Parcours Lumière

Parcours Lumière

Parcours Lumière

Parcours Lumière

Important to note, along with the remarkable lighting is the city’s choice to integrate a new lighting system which will save three times more energy than the traditional one.

The 2019 walking tour of lights schedule

Several versions of the city lighting system have been imagined to match with the main events of the year (full program) :

Parcours lumière - Tours

Parcours lumière – Tours

  • February, the 14th : Valentine’s Day
  • May, the 18th & 19th : The museums’ night
  • From May the 31st to June the 2nd : the gardens “rendez-vous”
  • June the 20th & 21st : the National street music festival (fête de la musique)
  • July & August, Wednesdays & Thursdays : at “Place Plumereau, a bonus projection of a 5 minute film about Tours’ heritage (every 30 minutes)
  • July, the 13th and the 14th : the Bastille Day
  • September, the 20th and 21st : the Heritage Days
  • November, from the 11th to the 17th : the Saint-Martin’s celebration

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