Flint and Prehistory

In Touraine, we have castles from the Middle-Ages, chateaux from the Renaissance but who knows the flint from the village of Le Grand Pressigny? It surely takes you back to Prehistoric times! You did not know that Touraine was an amazing time machine, did you?

Flint, much more than simple cut stone

Prehistory museum of The Grand-Pressigny - Flint

Open since 2009, what can be seen in the Prehistory museum in le Grand-Pressigny? An interactive presentation of local human groups which occupied the area 150 000 years ago until 750 before Christ. It goes from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

But why this location? During the third millennium, the village of Le Grand Pressigny in South Touraine was at the center of a very busy craft activity. Thanks to the quality and the quantity of the local flint, long blades were produced and exported in a large part of Western Europe. The Neanderthal man, who travelled far, took with him these renowned blades, proof of a precious know-how. Go to the museum and you will discover everything you have to know about this flint industry!

Flint collection

Flint collection

The prehistory museum of Le Grand-Pressigny

The prehistory museum of Le Grand-Pressigny

Prehistory, still alive and well!

As Prehistory is taught in France in elementary school, the museum staff offers a rich program of animations: “start a fire like a prehistoric man”, “Neolithic pottery”, “Helmut, the baby mammoth” scheduled during the school holidays.

Do not hesitate, this place is a real family-friendly museum.


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La Roche Bellin, in Descartes, Loire Valley. 15 kilometers from the flint of the Prehistory museum

La Roche Bellin – Descartes

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