Chenonceaux by boat

People have been taking « la Bélandre » boats for 30 years, to discover the banks of the Cher River and the arches of the most fabulous and renowned French Renaissance style chateau built upon the river: Chenonceau. You will be invited to make a wish when you first pass under its arches. A unique and magical moment!

Throughout History and beautiful landscapes

The Cher River, like many rivers, used to be used to ship goods for a long period of time. As this tradition stopped years ago, and due to the landscape along this river, it is the perfect romantic setting for boat trips while listening to rekindled stories rich in history.

As you discover the surrounding hills, covered with forests and vineyards, on board “la Bélandre” boats, you will also enjoy listening to:

  • the history behind the Chenonceau chateau and its main owners,
  • the shipping up and down the Cher river,
  • the working of the traditional dams and locks,
  • the presentation of the local fauna and flora.

The Captain of La Belandre

The Captain of La Belandre

A large variety of boat trips

The 50 minute boat trip on board traditional boats, la Gabare (60 seats) and l’Ambacia (100 seats).

The 2h30 trip with lunch or dinner on board “La Bélandre” which includes 100 seats.

The VIP trip on board an 12 seater private yacht. Speed and thrills guaranteed!

Electric boats (licence free) and stand up paddle rental (step paddle).

Electric Boats (Licence Free) - Chenonceaux by boat, at 2 hours of Paris, on the river Cher. Loire Valley, France.

Electric Boats (Licence Free) – Chenonceaux by boat

Become a boat captain for one day, on board an electric 5 seater boat and discover the Chenonceau chateau estate , its arches, the Cher river and its traditional dams.

SARL LA BELANDRE – Chenonceaux en Bateaux

Maison Eclusière – 10 rue de la Plage 37150 CHISSEAUX

+033 (0)2 47 23 98 64 –

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