The wonder of wickerwork!

A little-known craft is revealed to curious visitors a few miles from Château d’Azay-le-Rideau: wickerwork (a word regularly used by crossword fans!) has been around for centuries but it couldn’t be more modern!

Although basket-making is emblematic of the village of Villaines-les-Rochers, it is not the only craft on show. Ceramics, woodturning, wood engraving, leatherwork, jewellery design: sponsored by Agnès B., a Maison des Savoir-Faire was created in 2023 to highlight the excellence of these manual trades.

Villaines-les-Rochers: the village and wicker

Villaines-les-Rochers? It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of it before. There are only around 1000 people living in this little village, into the Regional Nature Park Loire Anjou Touraine. Its residents include a lot of artisan wickerworkers making a wide variety of items: baskets, planters, decorations, earrings, feeders and nesting wicker boxes to welcome birds into your garden!

Wickerwork in Villaines-les-Rochers, Loire Valley, France. Woven wicker is appreciate, because of the ability to do solid pattern of basket, chair, crafts...

Villaines-les-Rochers cooperative – Shop & demonstration

From the osiery to wickerwork

If you want to discover the world of wickerwork, from growing willow trees in humid soil to the production of the raw materials (removing the bark from basket willows, soaking the twigs in water, etc.), then head for the Wickerwork Cultural Centre. The contemporary staging and a wide range of models on display make for an excellent introduction to the art. It’s also worth noting that the content is adapted to all the family.

We should also mention the Art Centre autour de l’Osier (listed as a permanent cultural site by the French Ministry of Culture), which is open every day (except 31 December and 1 January), offering workshops and two guided tours a day, at 11am and 3pm.

The wickerwork Cultural Centre - Villaines-les-Rochers, France.

The wickerwork Cultural Centre - Villaines-les-Rochers, France.

The wickerwork Cultural Centre - Villaines-les-Rochers, France.

The wickerwork Cultural Centre - Villaines-les-Rochers, France.

Geese of the Art Centre Autour de l'Osier

Geese of the Art Centre Autour de l'Osier

The same goes for the signs along the interpretive trail (5.2 km / 2 hours) leaving from the Cultural Centre and showing the different types of willow (salix alba, salix fragilis, etc.) or how willow can be used in hedges or plant sculptures. You will also see that if you plan to use willow as an ornamental plant or as a natural hedge in the garden, then you should opt for short pruning in winter and light pruning in spring.

Staying in the open air, we recommend the bike trail (21 km / 2 hours / bikes to rent from Azay-le-Rideau Cycles) named “De l’osier au panier” (“From the willow to the basket”).

Wickerwork free interpretive trail - Villaines-les-Rochers - France. A regular english clue for crossword, and a better material than rattan to do a solid handmade traditional basket, a chair, or crafts, with beautiful vintage patterns.

The wickerwork interpretive trail

The origins of wickerwork…

Wicker comes from small willow trees grown on suitable soil (and so has nothing to do with rattan from other plants or with bamboo). The cuttings from annual shoots, known as “tacots”, are planted at the end of winter and carefully nurtured through the year and then cut down. There are several varieties of willow:

Willow tree: salix alba, a regular english clue for crossword. This French oisery should not be confused with rattan.

Willow tree

almond willow (salix tiandra, known locally as “noir de Villaines”). It is soaked in a bowl of water and then woven, after having its bark removed;

raw wicker is dried at once after it is cut. The bark is seldom stripped. Raw wicker provides different shades of colour (salix alba, salix viminalis, etc.);

– or basket willow.

The Indre Valley’s silty and damp land, warm climate and myriad caves dug into the rock have helped wickerwork thrive in Villaines-les-Rochers from the 7th century.

Using this raw material, and as well as making items specific to certain trades (baking, catering, hot-air balloon baskets, etc.), the wickerworkers are brimming with ideas to showcase willow in all its glory. They have been working with Hermès for decades now. For example, the cooperative made the “Kelly Picnic” and “Garden Picnic” bags for the luxury designer, illustrating the wonder of wicker using leather and silk.

Romand'Art creations

Wickerwork shop – Romand art

Wicker souvenir gifts made in Touraine

Wickerwork: artisan geometric design in Villaines-les-Rochers, France. This kind of creation and basket woven use wicker furniture, and not rattan at all.

Artisanal work

Either alone or together in cooperatives, wickerworkers put their skill, talent and passion into braiding handmade baskets, bags, jewellery, lights, trunks, chairs, hampers, decorations and more. If you’re looking for an original gift for your friends and family then come this way.

The village’s Wicker and Basketry Museum gives you an insight into this exciting world along with an educational trail (5.2km/2 hours) and a bike path (21km/2 hours). Be sure to visit artisan shops too. Most of them provide workshops and classes alongside their creations.

Weaving wicker in the artisanal workshop Plume et brin d'osier. The work of wicker can use vintage pattern for solid handmade creation. A great furniture to work!

Weaving wicker in “Plume et brin d’osier” workshop

Some addresses:

Some professionals producing wickerwork have online shops and can deliver products to your home.

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