Villandry, the landmark gardens in the Loire Valley

The last of the great Loire châteaux to be built during the Renaissance, Villandry had remarkable gardens right from the beginning. They changed over time, until the early 20th century, when Joachim Carvallo, who had just bought and restored the château, decided to revive the gardens, reinventing them, while staying true to the Renaissance spirit.

The unique spectacle of the Villandry gardens

Today, in all seasons, Villandry is a unique spectacle that is ever new, an essential icon for all lovers of gardens and for anyone attracted by this magnificently laid out, harmoniously coloured pastoral vision. From the château, the terraces or the replanted avenues of lime trees, the view over the four levels of the garden are many and ideal for photos, particularly for couples in search of romantic memories.

The Villandry Château gardens

The Villandry Château gardens

The Villandry Château gardens

The Villandry Château gardens

The vegetable garden is delightful, with its purple and orange tones, set off by the carefully pruned box trees. The soothing water in the canal and fountains, the delicate pavilions bedecked with roses, the colourful variety of the tulips, dahlias and begonias through the seasons, under the straight, slender and aesthetically pruned yew trees make this visit a rare and precious experience.

Villandry is also a philosophy, where living things are respected, chemical treatments are forbidden. It is a 100% organic garden, a haven of bio-diversity and a Bird Protection League refuge. And not to be missed, in early July each year, the gardens are softly lit by thousands of candles in the bewitching nights of a thousand fires.

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