Romantic weekend breaks… enjoy a spa weekend at the château

If you’re looking for a luxury spa hotel, a gourmet restaurant, a tour of one of the Loire Valley châteaux, a wine tasting in one of the tourist wine cellars or even a helicopter flight over the châteaux, then look no further. You’ve found the ideal destination for your surprise romantic weekend break!

Romantic weekend: a spot of pampering at a spa hotel!

Hotel Oceania Univers Tours

Hotel Oceania Univers Tours

For your partner’s birthday or simply to round off the year in style, a romantic weekend on the banks of the Loire in the Loire Valley is bound to be at the top of your wish list once you’ve discovered these hotels below, all of which all feature a spa: Hotel Oceania Univers Toursthe Aubinièrethe Clarion hôtel Château Belmont, the Château d’Artignythe Château de Beaulieuthe Luccotelthe Domaine des Thomeaux and the Art Hôtel.

Great ideas for outings during your romantic weekend

Stroll hand in hand through the grounds of a Loire château before taking a tour of these tufa stone giants and treating yourselves to a wonderful slice of French history. And to prolong the magic, why not pull out all the stops with a helicopter flight (Air TouraineHéliberté…)? After all, you only live once!

And to round off your spa weekend at the château, remember that some of the wine estates are open on Sundays and are well worth a visit (Pierre and Bertrand Couly, the Château de l’Aulée, the David et Nathalie Drussé estate, the Montlouis-sur-Loire producers’ cellar, the Vouvray cellar, Plou et fils, etc.). As well as discovering the wine-making know-how, you’ll be able to buy a few lovely vintages to enjoy at home (in moderation, of course) which will bring back wonderful memories of your romantic break.

The Vouvray Cellar

The Vouvray Cellar

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