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Looking for information or ideas for subjects about Touraine? Please don’t hesitate to contact Marieke, our press officer, to talk about your projects. She can help you with her knowledge of the region and some precious tips.

Discover Touraine’s must do by downloading our “Destination Touraine” press kit.

Do you want to go to Touraine as part of a press briefing?

After developing a well-structured and coherent project, the Departmental Agency for Tourism in Touraine can provide you with support when you visit the region.

Individual press briefings are organised throughout the year, with payment of your expenses possible on a half-board basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact Marieke to talk about your projects. Adapted programmes can be set up for the Youtubers, Instagrammers, etc.

Looking for photos to illustrate your articles or posts?

Sign up for free for our online photo library, and get access to recent, high-definition images – the work of professional photographers. Restrictions for image use are given in the online photo library.

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