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The Loire and its beautiful tributaries, the Vienne, Indre and Cher, are wonderful places to row or sail with your friends. Whatever the river, you will envoy canoeing & kayaking or paddling in the Loire Valley.

Fans of canoeing and paddleboarding are naturally the first ones to make the most of the fine weather and to take the plunge! It’s worth noting that as well as renting our canoes for a few hours, some organisations offer multi-day deals, including a nice bivouac at nightfall. On the banks of the River Vienne, with the CLAN, you can combine a descent in a canoe and a bike ride. Some great ideas for a stag trip or a hen trip close to nature, for example!

And you can also take a picnic basket and share a drink at the waterside, served by the Canoe Company!

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