Hôtel Goüin

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Hôtel Goüin – Tours Jean-Christophe Coutand / ADT Touraine

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Hôtel Goüin – Tours Stevens Fremont

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Hôtel Goüin – Tours Stevens Fremont

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Hôtel Goüin – Tours CD37

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Exposition Bauchant Christophe Raimbault

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Hôtel Goüin – Tours Stevens Fremont

The Hotel Goüin, home to merchants and silk manufacturers, is a private mansion that was
built in the 15 century and the only one existing in its entirely in Tours. The façade is a masterpiece inspired by the Italian Renaissance.
It is now a cultural place for temporary artistic exhibitions.


Languages spoken

  • French
  • English


Extra reception info

Ouvert uniquement pendant les expositions temporaires (du mercredi au dimanche). Pour les jours et horaires d'ouverture, se référer au site internet.