A surprising troglodyte cellar

Ah, the chinon vineyard… “Chinon, small town, big name” wrote Sir Rabelais! The author behind Gargantua and Pantagruel was born here and is a key figure, especially as his novels draw on the local geography. The Cave de la Sibylle strives to bring the worlds of wine and literature together.

It’s more than a winery; it’s a voyage of discovery!

In the third book of Pantagruel, Panurge wants to get married but fears his wife will cheat on him. So he decides to seek the truth from augurs, oracles and soothsayers before making his decision. So his friend Pantagruel advises him to ask a very famous prophetess, Sibylle of Panzoult.

The tale of this encounter is now set in stone deep in the Cave de la Sibylle. Sculptures and brand new projections bring François Rabelais‘ tale to life whose mysterious ending we’ll be sure to keep secret!

A troglodyte cellar

A troglodyte cellar

Light projections: in Panurge's dreams....

Light projections: in Panurge's dreams....

Cave de la Sibylle

Cave de la Sibylle

A lovely animated film pops up along the underground tour: the artistic yet educational film explores the journey that begins in the vineyard and ends in the glass.

From the Panzoult tourist winery to the Cave de la Sibylle

We’ve got 15 village winemakers to thank for this great project after joining forces to run the former tuffeau stone quarry 50 years ago. After a long time being called the Panzoult tourist winery, the new set-up brought a new name: long live the Cave de la Sibylle!

Cave de la Sibylle - Panzoult cellar, Chinon vineyard, France.

La Cave de la Sibylle, in the vinyard of Chinon.

The tour naturally involves a tasting when you’ll get to know the designation’s white, rosé and red wines. There is also a wide variety of local produce available to buy at the shop (honey, jam, dried pears, fruit juice, beer etc.).

Tour price: 7€/adult.

The year’s major events: the wine fair on May 1st & Rando de la Bernache rides in late October.

Next to the cellar: start point for the 10km hike “Through the Juche-Pie woods and Les Folies vineyards

Cave de la Sibylle – Shop

Cave de la Sibylle – Shop

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