Our wine diversity and… its richness!

Our local wines of Touraine and more widely the Loire Valley wines are known to be well-balanced wines, easy to drink and fresh in the mouth.
More than 100 wineries are opened to the visitors. It is the occasion to have a full discovery of the different wines…and to take a few bottles back home. Another option? Try our beautiful wines in a nearby restaurant with the typical and savoury recipes of the chef!

A « wine » trip, back to history

The well-known French writer, François Rabelais, born in 1494, already mentioned Touraine as a land of good food and wine. He already granted great value to a certain art of living that people have kept through the centuries. Rabelais was especially fond of the local wines: the red wines of Chinon, a charming medieval town settled along the Vienne river and the wines of Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, two towns located north of the Loire river. All of them are made with the same grape variety called “cabernet franc”.

Chinon vineyard - Loire Valley

Chinon vineyard – Loire Valley

Along the Loire river, you will also find the white and sparkling wines of Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire made with a grape called “chenin blanc”. And to complete the list, there is the Touraine Noble Joué, the Touraine Azay-le-Rideau (rosé wines), the Touraine Amboise (made with the “côt” grape for the red wine), the Touraine Chenonceaux (100% “sauvignon” white grape)., Discover and appreciate, during a meal, the various types wines and their differences. At the restaurant, each dish goes with a wine: a professional sommelier will help you to choose and will make you travel all around Touraine!

The places to go… absolutely!

In Tours, le bistrot des Belles Caves has just been rewarded by the magazine “Terre des vins”. Among the 1200 different wines on the menu, many are local. Find below, a selection of restaurants having interesting Touraine wines to go with their cooking. From the East to the Ouest of Touraine:

Le Moulin bleu, in Bourgueil: wine estates of Nathalie et David Drussé, Audebert et fils, la Rodaie, la Chanteleuserie, Sébastien David…

Au chapeau rouge, in Chinon: wine estates of Plouzeau, Béatrice et Pascal Lambert, Pierre Sourdais, Wilfrid Rousse, La Roche en Loire…

Au coin des halles, in Langeais: wine estates of Nicolas Paget, Yannick Amirault, La Chevalerie, Pierre et Bertrand Couly, Jacky Blot…

Le coin des halles - Langeais

Le coin des halles - Langeais

Le Cheval Blanc - Bléré

Le Cheval Blanc - Bléré

La Roche Le Roy, in Tours: wine estates of de Noiré, Charles Pain, Château Gaudrelle, Vincent Carème, François Chidaine…

Le Moulin Fleuri, in Veigné: wine estates of Bourillon-Dorléans, Frédéric Mabileau, Couly Dutheil, Maison Brédif, Xavier Weisskopf…

Le Cheval Blanc, in Bléré: wine estates of Plou et Fils, Xavier Frissant, La Grange, Vigneau-Chevreau, La Noblaie, Olivier, Lamé-Delisle-Boucard…

Le Lion d’Or, in Amboise: wine estates of Dutertre, Viking, Les Valettes, Couly-Dutheil, La Grange Tiphaine…

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