Which castle to visit in the Loire Valley in 2022?

The Loire Valley is worldwide known for its numerous castles and chateaux which were either built during the Middle-Ages or during the early French Renaissance. Their growing reputation is not only due to their listing in the Unesco World Heritage sites in 2000, the staff of our great monuments also worked hard to offer you, richer visits full of new experiences.

Visiting Loire valley chateaux is: a discovery of the monument with modern digital tools or a discovery of a fascinating exhibition, a walk through beautiful well-kept gardens as well as enjoying high quality services. And now? Which one to choose? Find below a few information to help you make your choice!

The top of the list in 2022

The Clos Lucé. Last home of Leonardo Da Vinci during the 16th century, it has been at the center of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance in 2019. The place is above all renowned for the exhibition of some reproductions of Da Vinci’s prototypes and a brand new space dedicated to “Leonardo, painter and architect” will open next summer. No doubt that the man was a universal genius!

The Clos Lucé, Amboise, France. Which castle to visit in the Loire Valley in 2022?

The Clos Lucé – Amboise

The royal chateau of Amboise. New this year, the creation, through the gardens, of a walk dedicated to the local birds (their habitat, food…). Why birds? Thanks to an eco-friendly maintaining of the gardens, they became home for more than 90 different species of birds thus becoming a “LPO refuge” (French Bird Protection Society).

The château of Chenonceau. If you visited the place more than two years ago, it means that you did not see the apothecary of Catherine de Medici, Russel Page’s garden and maybe the “Dôme” winery where it is possible to taste the Touraine-chenonceaux wine.

The royal château of Amboise - Loire Valley

The royal château of Amboise - Loire Valley

The château of Chenonceau - Loire Valley

The château of Chenonceau - Loire Valley

The royal fortress of Chinon. After the historical reconstitution of Charles VII’s bed chamber last year, you will discover in 2021, the reconstitution of the bed chamber of a well-known lady, Alienor of Aquitaine (1122-1204). It will be the occasion to remember the incredible destiny of this lady who became first, Queen of France and later, Queen of England. New, as well, a “monument game”. This treasure hunt will take you all through the fortress searching for “the Templars lost souls”.

Which castle to visit in Loire Valley? In the middle of France, near the Vienne River, the Royal fortress of Chinon is a good option, and also open you the gate of the famous vineyard of Chinon, and its wineries to visit. Loire Valley Chateaux offer you the guarantee of nice holidays, with the french art de vivre.

The Royal fortress of Chinon – Loire Valley

The Rivau chateau and its gardens. Along with the Fairy tales gardens and its contemporary works of art, you will discover this year, a garden of wild plants and an escape game: the gardener cannot be found anywhere, please be so kind as to find him back… Many thanks! Inside the chateau, have a look at the exhibition “le goût de l’art” (A taste for Art) gathering the works of 30 artists.

The royal city of Loches. 2019 has been the year of Ludovico Sforza, an Italian Lord imprisoned in Loches. Later, another Italian Lord, the Duke of Milan, was taken prisoner in Loches for four years. Discover the exhibition “Agnès Sorel” in 2022.

The Rivau Chateau and its gardens - Loire Valley

The Rivau Chateau and its gardens - Loire Valley

The Royal City of Loches - Loire Valley

The Royal City of Loches - Loire Valley

Other places to visit?

Yes, please! The fortress of Montbazon, the chateaux of Langeais, Villandry, Azay-le-Rideau, Ussél’Islette, Gizeux, Champchevrier, Montrésor, Montpoupon, Candé estate, the royal estate of Château Gaillard… there is always a castle to visit in Touraine!

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