Aviasim flight simulator: full throttle!

“Mayday, mayday, this is your pilot-in-command…” If you hear these words, it’s because you’ve had a few problems taking off or landing in your Airbus A320. That said, the instructor should guide you so that you’ll avoid crashing!

For 1 hour (20 minutes briefing and debriefing, 40 minutes flying), you can experience the joy of flying and landing in one of the 24,000 airports in the world – you just need to decide which one to choose! And for those who are afraid of flying, the Aviasim flight simulator is a great way of learning how to deal with stress, with total peace of mind.

Price of discovery package: €99 (up to 3 accompanying guests).

Escape Game: the secret of the ‘dive bouteille’…

Just round the corner from the Royal Fortress of Chinon in the Loire Valley, the Pierre & Bertrand Couly wine estate offers one of the 2 wine-based ‘escape games’ in France!

Participants assume the role of wine connoisseurs who have 1 hour to discover “the secret of the ‘dive bouteille’” (an expression coined by François Rabelais to refer to a ‘divine beverage’). Locked up in a tasting room, the teams explore every nook and cranny in search of keys, codes and clues, with organisation, communication and working together essential for reaching the Holy Grail. Obviously this adventure will be interspersed with tastings of the estate’s wines and a tour of the site.

Price for 4 players: €25.50/person (€30.50 with the tour).

Cook & go: who’s the chef?

‘Macaroons’, ‘These vegetables aren’t as dry as all that’, ‘Parents/children: 100% desserts’, ‘Flavours of India’, ‘Detox menu’ – these are just a few examples of workshops offered by Cook & Go, in Tours city centre.

Although learning new recipes will let you impress your friends, it’s also an opportunity to spend a lovely time with your partner or your children making delicious dishes which you can sample there and then or take away.

From €29/person.

Cook & Go

Cook & Go

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