A unique way to see the Château de Chenonceau

It’s summertime, so here’s a fun and refreshing experience: become a ship’s captain for the day on an electric boat with no licence needed! You can enjoy the joys of sailing below one of the great jewels of world heritage: the Château de Chenonceau. But rest assured: if you don’t want to be a long-distance skipper, then you can opt for a leisurely cruise from the Bélandre company. During the trip, you can see another side of this wonderful Renaissance château, its history and anecdotes, and the story of the river. This is a great way to round off your visit to the “ladies’ château” in a pleasant, original and natural setting.

The Bélandre boats

The Bélandre company has been in the Cher region for 30 years now, providing visitors with a wide range of sailing activities: cruise meals, cruises with commentaries, step-paddle, electric boats with no licence needed, private VIP boat rentals… There’s something for everyone, whether you are interested in history, gastronomy, exercise or just taking it easy!

An electric boat

An electric boat

La Bélandre

La Bélandre

Plus, our boats are often a beautiful setting for events including weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, hen parties, as well as incentive meetings, team building and seminars. So the possibilities are almost endless. And you can be sure that the Bélandre crew will give you a warm welcome in this magnificent natural and preserved setting: the river area in the famous Château de Chenonceau!

A few details about the fleet: a traditional scow, a panoramic restaurant boat with a unique view over the River Cher, the Ambacia (a boat with facilities for visitors with specific needs, with the Tourism and Disability label), as well as a fleet of around fifteen electric boats.

Programme for cruises with commentary

During the trip, the commentaries focus on the following themes:

  • the construction of the Château de Chenonceau and its four main presiding figures;
  • how the River Cher was canalised, with its needle dams and locks;
  • the fauna and flora;
  • Touraine and the vineyards.

Commentaries can be given in French and English, depending on the visitors on board. Brochures for visitors are available in German, Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, Dutch and Italian.


SARL La Bélandre

Maison éclusière de Chisseaux, 10 rue de la plage, 37150 CHISSEAUX.

https://www.labelandre.com / 02 47 23 98 64


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