Two wineries at your disposal to taste the famous Loire valley wines

The Touraine art of living would not exist without its variety of vineyards, now part of the landscape, and a real taste for good food. Let us talk about a particular vineyard, planted more than one thousand years ago in the former Loire riverbed, on its right bank and west from Tours.

Welcome to Bourgueil

Discover our historical vineyard, born one thousand years ago around the abbey in Bourgueil, and taste our wines!

Nowadays, the vineyards surround Bourgueil. “Cabernet Franc” is the name of the major grape used in the region. It produces a red wine, light and fruity when young but when planted on the limestone grounds, it makes a full-bodied wine perfect for laying down.

Winerie of Bourgueil

Winerie of Bourgueil

Winerie of Langeais

Winerie of Langeais

Two wineries to discover our produce

The wine growers are at your disposal to discover and taste their own production either in Langeais or in Bourgueil. You will be advised to taste different types of wine, buy your favourite one and even leave with a few addresses of local producers for further experiences!

Around 180 different wines (white, rosé, red), even a few sparkling ones are available in each winery. And as wine goes with food, you will find a range of local produce to buy: terrine, rillettes, and other local delicacies!

Moreover, children are welcome! Both places are family friendly and have a dedicated space for the entertainment of the younger ones.


In Bourgueil :

Maison des Vins de Bourgueil, 18 place de l’église, 37140 Bourgueil

Phone: +33 (0)2 47 97 92 20

A Langeais :

Maison des Vins de Langeais, 15 rue Gambetta, 37130 Langeais

Phone: +33 (0)2 47 50 54 20

Website :

Email :

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