Royal fortress of Chinon: stronger than a château

The royal fortress of Chinon was built on top of a rocky hill at the intersection of three regions: Anjou, Touraine and Poitou and reflects the most prestigious years of the Middle Ages.

The place became the last refuge of Henri II Plantagenet, King of England and was home to major characters of French History: Alienor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart, Charles VII of France and Joan of Arc.

Royal fortress of Chinon

Royal fortress of Chinon

This Royal fortress of Chinon, built during the Middle Ages, is divided into three separate chateaux, which offers the visitors various historical reconstitutions as well as entertainment. During your visit, you will get to know Joan of Arc or learn how war machines work…

You will enter the former medieval royal apartments and admire the beautiful views typical of the Loire Valley. You will also enjoy the various artistic activities, celebrations and performances that take place either inside the fortress or in the park and along the surrounding wall.

Royal fortress of Chinon

Royal fortress of Chinon

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