La Cuisine du Monstre

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IMG_6599 © La Rissole

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La Rissole is a friendly restaurant serving outstanding cuisine at the heart of the historic centre of Tours. The chef, Guillaume Dallay, likes straightforward tastes and respects the original flavours, while adding an original touch. Guillaume gives priority to authentic ingredients. He also makes his own ice creams and sauces, without additives.
The menu is an invitation to discover some of the best-known dishes in French gastronomy, including snails and frogs' legs, as well as petits pois à la française and navarin of lamb.


Rating / Labels

  • Restaurant de qualité (collège culinaire de France)

Languages spoken

  • French
  • English

Size / capacity

  • Overall capacity:20persons

Comfort / services

  • Meals takeway


  • A la carte : Plat du jour, uniquement le midi

Payment options

  • Carte bleue
  • Cash
  • Visa