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One of the youngest tickles your tastebuds at L’Assiette Creuse (Descartes) whilst one of the best-known runs Le Chapeau Rouge (Chinon). A total of thirty-odd chefs have earned the title of Maître Restaurateur in Touraine. Every day they put their passion into “homemade dishes” using raw, fresh and seasonal produce with a natural focus on local producers.

Be wined and dined in Descartes

L’Assiette Creuse – Descartes

L’Assiette Creuse – Descartes

Becoming the youngest chef in the Centre Loire Valley Region to earn the Maître Restaurateur accolade thrust Jérémy François into the spotlight.

The 20 covers at l’Assiette Creuse are quickly snapped up, especially as the menu changes on a regular basis. The menu features the names of producers.

Front of house, Aurélie Bordier serves dishes with precious descriptions. Transparency, discernment and flavour: the winning trio here.

Female chefs

An exciting young female chef runs the pass at Le Patio (Amboise). Everyone agrees that Marine Augé’s creative dishes are top notch and she’s already been celebrated by the Midi à la Une TV programme (France 3).

As for Stéphanie Bouland, she showcases her delicious range of dishes at the hot plate in the heart of Vouvray at Le Val Joli. It’s certainly no coincidence that countless wine producers are always recommending this great eatery with a homely feel.

Le Patio – Amboise

Le Patio – Amboise

Maître Restaurateur, a title that means something.

The Maître Restaurateur title is the only one provided by the State for French catering. Chefs with the title strive to fly the flag for French gastronomy. Chefs in Touraine have Rabelais’ beloved “good food” and the “garden of France” identity in their blood so they make a point of keeping their precious expertise alive. Pierre Koniecko at L’Auberge de l’Ile is a good example:

Restaurants with Maîtres Restaurateurs in Touraine:

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