Amidst royal lands and wild waters

Amidst royal lands and wild waters-1

The royal chateau of Amboise Léonard de Serres

Amidst royal lands and wild waters-2

Hike in the city of Amboise Grégory Millet

Amboise was the capital of the Turone tribe from 4BC before it was that of the French Kings in the Renaissance.
Charles VIII then François I brought the greatest artists of the time here including the architect Fra Giocondo, gardener Dom Pacello da Mercogliano and all-round genius Leonardo da Vinci. Châteaus and mansions bear witness to their time in the royal city.
During your walk you’ll also experience the wonderful Loire landscapes listed as UNESCO World Heritage. As you go round a shoal, Europe’s last wild river may well have a surprise in store such as the sight of a heron splashing about or a beaver working hard...


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