At the water’s edge

At the water’s edge-1

Brehemont_Y5A5209_DDarrault_CRTCentreValdeLoire-2029 David Darrault

At the water’s edge-2

The Loire river in Bréhémont Jean-Christophe Coutand / ADT Touraine

At the water’s edge-3

Boucle 20 – Au fil de l’eau

At the water’s edge-4

Maison de la poire tapée David Darrault

At the water’s edge-5

Brehemont_Y5A4821_DDarrault_CRTCentreValdeLoire-2029 David Darrault

Did you know that Rivarennes, your starting point for this trail, is home to the world's only museum for the pear speciality poires tapées? And that's not the only original landmark along this trail steeped in local heritage: at Bréhémont port you'll notice two public lavatories that were commonly referred to as pissotières.


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