A spectacular summer of Sound and Light!

When summer arrives, let the show begin! As soon as night falls, monuments buzz with cheerful yet refined excitement: here and there people patiently wait for the first sound and light shows to appear, heralding the start of the evening.

Sounds, lights and fabulous evenings!

As if in a dream, stroll through the thousand lights at the Villandry castle gardens, or listen to the music by Arcangelo Corelli (master of Italian classicism) which accompanies the evening walks at the Château de Chenonceau.

Open your eyes wide in wonder to take in every detail of the Amboise Prophecy, on the terrace of the royal château, or the ‘Scénoféérie de Semblançay’, an extravaganza in which the history of Touraine through the ages unfolds before your eyes.

Another monument, another amazing show – the Tours Cathedral Illusions, a projection show by Damien Fontaine, which uses subtle lighting to enhance the superb gothic and renaissance architecture of the façade.

Nights of a thousand lights - Villandry

Nights of a thousand lights - Villandry

Scénoféerie de Semblançay

Scénoféerie de Semblançay

Lively nights

Let medieval enthusiasts be assured… the Montbazon Fortress Nights do not disappoint. As well as finding out about trades and crafts in the Middle Ages, they can sit down for a grand banquet and join in the revelling. In Touraine in the Loire Valley, the pleasures of eating and drinking are never far away!

As for the village of Montrésor, after being named France’s second favourite village by viewers of the ‘Le village préféré des Français’ programme in 2015, even more visitors are coming to see its wonderful Solar nights. These reveal the marvellous beauty of the Château de Montrésor and the banks of the Indrois, a delightful little river.

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