Slow tourism

Because holidays should always rhyme with relaxation and change of scenery, because traveling gives us the opportunity to nourish our minds for visits and meetings, and because at the beginning of the 21st century, environmental concerns are driving women and men to undertake virtuous initiatives, this “Freewheeling” section was born.

Cycling and soft mobility

The experiences described below relate as well to a weekend of 2 or 3 days, as to prepare a week of vacation. These ideas will take you to the four corners of Touraine, but they all have a common thread: cycling and soft mobility.

Indeed, the Loire Valley does not hide its ambition to be the first region of bicycle tourism in France. Each year attracting many French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, American and even Australian cycle tourists, the Loire by bike is one of the most emblematic cycle routes in France. The absence of relief, the temperate weather conditions and the numerous accommodation regularly punctuating the route make it easy to travel through the unique landscapes of the Loire Valley, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cœur de France à vélo

Cœur de France à vélo

Coast on the green path from Richelieu to Chinon

Coast on the green path from Richelieu to Chinon

Beyond this route, the Cœur de France à Vélo route (Cher à vélo, Canal de Berry), Indre à Vélo and Camino de Santiago by bike offer other options for coasting holiday. Even by opting for one and the same accommodation, a network of 50 cycle loops and the presence of many bike hire companies will satisfy your desires for day or half-day rides.

Rowing, sailing, walking is always traveling!

This will give you time to enjoy other outings in the heart of nature. Paddle in your hand, you’re off on the Loire, under the arches of the Château of Chenonceau spanning the Cher, or on the Indre or the Creuse, for an even wilder getaway. Please note that canoe hire companies (Canoë Company, Tours & Canoë, Chinon Loisirs Activités Nature…) can organize trips of several days, with bivouacs on the shore or on an isle.

Coast: bivouac on a Loire river isle

Coast: bivouac on a Loire river isle

Effortless, but with the precious comments of a tanned freshwater sailor, the barge trip sharpens your gaze on the environment of this pretty valley of kings. We sail on the Vienne, from the monumental royal fortress of Chinon, or on the Loire. Perhaps you will come across one of the four professional fishermen in Touraine. Romain Gadais is one of them. In his restaurant La cabane à Matelot, it is the fruit of his fishing that you will taste live. And for a digestive stroll? Nearly 6,000 kilometers of marked trails delight hiking enthusiasts.

Slow tourism, and responsible consumption!

In general, all the professionals mentioned in the articles below were not selected at random. “Eco-renovated” accommodation or labeled “Green Key”, restaurants followers of short circuits, tourist cellars in organic farming, castles having banished from their gardens all phytosanitary products… Like everyone, your portfolio gives you the power encourage virtuous initiatives, whether in favor of the environment or the preservation of our heritage. It’s your turn !

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