Canoeing kayaking in Loire Valley: a great season for paddling!

If you’d like to sunbathe, do a bit of sport, take photos of amazing landscapes, splash your partner and enjoy a brilliant break… Well, canoeing is perfect for you!

Canoeing kayaking on the Loire, the Cher, the Vienne…

Touraine, at the very heart of Loire Valley, offers a myriad of water courses. When the weather is fine, what a delight to jump into a canoe on the Loire, or on the more peaceful waters of four great rivers which cross the region: the Vienne, the Cher, the Indre, the Creuse.

The valleys are enchanting and the relaxing atmosphere of these rivers makes them perfect refreshing playgrounds when the sun shines. There are no rapids to fear in Touraine and… no traffic jams: relax in tranquil surroundings, at the heart of nature. Remember to take a picnic with you to enjoy the freshness and panoramic views from the banks. Don’t forget your caps, sun cream and a bottle of water!

Canoeing on the Loire - Candes-Saint-Martin

Canoeing on the Loire - Candes-Saint-Martin

Canoeing in Touraine under the arches of Château de Chenonceau

Canoeing in Touraine under the arches of Château de Chenonceau

Rent a canoe or… rent a bivouac on an island of the Loire!

Canoeing in Touraine now boasts around a dozen clubs (Descartes) and professionals on-hand for you. In addition to canoe-kayak rentals, some propose formulas lasting several days along with a bivouac on the islands of the Loire (Canoë Company and Kryzalid’Nature) or at a camp site (Tours & Canoë), accompanied trips (Loire Aventure), or theme-based jaunts: outings to discover the fauna and flora, canoeing with torches or along with a local produce gourmet taste experience…

Canoeing kayaking in Loire Valley - Bivouac on the islands of the Loire

Bivouac on the islands of the Loire

Whether you’re a total novice or expert paddler, you’re sure to find your pleasure between letting the current carry you gently along for a few kilometres or paddling like mad through faster waters!

Worth noting that Chinon Loisirs Activités Nature and Canoë Company propose a brilliant formula which combines the outward trip by canoe and return trip by bike. Great for the arms and the legs… a sports programme in Touraine fit for a king!

Map for canoeing or kayaking in Loire Valley – Canoe Rentals

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