Amazing vineyard visits at La Jarnoterie

Even if Touraine is mostly known for the Loire valley chateaux, be aware that they are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The views of vineyards planted on hillsides are especially breath taking and it is also underground that you will discover an unexpected treasure.

By Aude Journot / Pictures: Vignoble de la Jarnoterie and Céline Béron (Touraine Nature Tourist office)

The Jarnoterie vineyards

You are invited to discover the surprising legacy of the “Jarnoterie” vineyards, an estate of 25 hectares of land, owned by the same family since 1893 for five generations.

The present owners, Carine and her husband Didier Rezé are passionate wine makers who have kept the tradition of this centennial know-how and who wish the world to discover the unique flavours of the land. Visitors are welcome all along the year at the “Jarnoterie” estate, known as “a cave d’excellence” for a wine tasting.

La Jarnoterie wine estate

La Jarnoterie wine estate

La Jarnoterie wine estate

La Jarnoterie wine estate

Not to be missed

From April to August, every Friday at 10h15, you are invited to attend a very special and amazing tour. This is the promise for an unexpected and unforgettable experience!

La Jarnoterie Wine Estate

La Jarnoterie Wine Estate

Carine and Eglantine will take you underground, 25 meters underneath the vineyards, to discover an extraordinary thousand years old cellar dug into the rock.

The visit takes place inside the authentic wine cellar, among the barrels. This is the ideal place to explain the wine maker’s job, the subtle growing of the local vine “cabernet franc” and the making of the wine… Finally, Carine will introduce wine tasting. You will discover the rich combination of the wine flavours.

At the end of this visit Carine and Didier have no doubt : their passion for wine has been conveyed!


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