Touraine tourism board : about us

The Touraine Tourism Board (ADT Touraine) is a non-profit organization comprised of a team of 14 people.

The spearhead of the Indre-et-Loire county Council, ADT Touraine receives funding for the following missions:

  • promoting Touraine's tourism offer in French and foreign markets in keeping with the branding strategy defined by the regional tourism board of the Centre Val de Loire region,
  • gathering and qualifying the department's tourism offers in order to propose services that comply with the destination's motto "Lifestyle is an art here".
  • coordinating and organising promotional campaigns in the area with the community of tourism professionals.

ADT Touraine has also been mandated by the government, with the support of Mission Val de Loire:

  • to promote the commitment to Excellence at the major Loire Valley sites.
  • to train: the ADT Touraine is a training organisation registered under the number 24 37 03346 37

What is Touraine?

Touraine was a former French province, its boundaries closely match the boundaries of the current Indre-et-Loire department. Indre-et-Loire lies furthest to the west among the 6 departments that make up the Centre region. It borders on Anjou and Vienne. The Loire Valley, a World Heritage site, runs 80 km across the department, from east to west. Also called the "Garden of France", Touraine is known for its Art, History and Culture and its heritage is universally renowned. The region's charm and harmony can be attributed to its mild, temperate climate and the abundance of forests and rivers. It is known for its good taste thanks to its wines and its reputation for good food. The majority of the region's half million inhabitants, known as "Tourangeaux", live in Tours and its suburbs. Further details can be found here: and here

Ici, vivre est un art The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach
The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach