Motor homes: access and parks in Touraine to make the best trips - Touraine Loire Valley

Motor home parked near the castles of the Loire Motor homes

Touraine is particularly well-suited to touring holidays as the tourist attractions (gardens, castles, activities, wine cellars...) are spread out over a distance. A motor home trip is the best way to avoid missing out on any of the numerous treasures Touraine has to offer. The road network is of excellent quality and many secondary roads are worth exploring: don’t hesitate to visit the valleys in particular (the Indre and Indrois valleys, the Cortineau valley).

Parking near tourist attractions

In most cases, free, large-capacity parking is available near the main castles in the Loire Valley. You will thus be able to park your vehicle without any difficulty during your visit. However, for the most part, it is not possible to stay overnight on these parking lots. More suitable locations for the night include campgrounds or motor home stopovers (aire de service).


Ici, vivre est un art The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach
The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach