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Château du Clos Lucé 2009

From 19 €

L'Univers de la Création

from 30/04/2015 to 25/05/2015 - AMBOISE

Since 2007, the works of recently nominated Masters of Art and their students have been on exhibit at Leonardo da Vinci's home. Felt makers, fan makers, silkscreen printers, instrument makers, etc., their expertise encompasses memory and skill, creation and transmission.


Foire de Tours

from 01/05/2015 to 10/05/2015 - TOURS

Tours sur Loire

Tours sur Loire

from 17/05/2015 to 14/09/2015 - TOURS

A summer in Tours wouldn't be complete without a guinguette café. Come alone or with your family to hit the dance floor, play chess, enjoy a relaxing read, have a drink with friends, go for a boat ride, or enjoy a film or concert or simply let yourself be surprised.

Vitiloire 2015


from 30/05/2015 to 31/05/2015 - TOURS

A hundred wine growers from the four corners of Touraine leave the hillsides of both banks of the Loire to converge under the tree canopy on boulevard Béranger, in the heart of downtown Tours. Meetings, discussions, workshops and tasting flourish here.

Festival des roses de Chédigny

Le Festival des Roses

from 30/05/2015 to 31/05/2015 - CHEDIGNY

A Renaissance castle, nestled in a valley surrounded by rose bouquets and fragrances bursting from the terraced gardens. Further up, an ocean of poppies dotted with cornflowers sets the background of this country extravaganza.


Les Années Joué

from 05/06/2015 to 07/06/2015 - JOUE-LES-TOURS

Music, circus, dancing, fireworks, theatre, magic, gigantic machines... It's funny, wild, creative, off-beat: a genuine festival! For two days, the performances of nearly sixty street art troupes become the focal point of life in the Joué-lès-Tours village centre.

Foire aux fromages 2012

Foire aux Fromages

from 06/06/2015 to 07/06/2015 - SAINTE-MAURE-DE-TOURAINE

For two days, the Sainte-Maure cheese capital in Touraine turns into a gigantic French cheese platter. Producers, wholesalers, ripeners, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate cheese.


From 8 €

Aucard de Tours

from 09/06/2015 to 13/06/2015 - TOURS

Let the show begin! From the Chapit'auc to the Gloriette and Apérocks in local bars, with the sound on high and a touch of the wild, this combination of genres and generations has been a hit since 1986.

Fêtes musicales en Touraine

From 28 €

Fêtes musicales en Touraine

from 19/06/2015 to 28/06/2015 - PARCAY-MESLAY

"And in Meslay, under the 13th century wooden arches, the music sings in harmony with the wonderful architecture(...)" wrote Sviatoslav Richter. Known as "a giant of the piano", he is the instigator of this festival, which now includes the "Dernière escale de l(...)

Festival Avanti la Musica affiche 2013

Avanti la musica !

from 20/06/2015 to 12/07/2015 - AMBOISE

From the city hall, the joyous parade heralded by the flags of Italian regions heads up the banks of the Loire, passes by the Saint-Denis church, dawdles along rue Nationale and finishes inside the castle.

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