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From 10 €

Les Moments Musicaux de Touraine

from 23/02/2018 to 29/09/2018 - DIVERSES

If you don't come, the music will come to you! The "moments musicaux" are designed for those who think that classical music isn't for them. The talent of the performers, the beauty and great acoustics of the concert venues, as well as the attractive pricing for youths might ju(...)


Foire de Tours

from 04/05/2018 to 13/05/2018 - TOURS


Roses Festival

from 26/05/2018 to 27/05/2018 - CHEDIGNY



from 26/05/2018 to 27/05/2018 - TOURS

A hundred wine growers from the four corners of Touraine leave the hillsides of both banks of the Loire to converge under the tree canopy on boulevard Béranger, in the heart of downtown Tours. Meetings, discussions, workshops and tasting flourish here.


Florilège vocal

from 01/06/2018 to 03/06/2018 - TOURS

Competitors in this international choir contest, the only one in France, come from far away. On the last day, a concert is held at place de la Résistance in Tours, with the participation of adult, youth and children's choirs representing twelve different nationalities.

Festival Avanti la Musica

Avanti la musica !

from 01/06/2018 to 30/06/2018 - AMBOISE

Cheese and Gastronomy Fair

from 02/06/2018 to 03/06/2018 - SAINTE-MAURE-DE-TOURAINE


Aucard de Tours

from 05/06/2018 to 09/06/2018 - TOURS

Let the show begin! From the Chapit'auc to the Gloriette and Apérocks in local bars, with the sound on high and a touch of the wild, this combination of genres and generations has been a hit since 1986.

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Avoine zone blues

from 29/06/2018 to 01/07/2018 - AVOINE


From 19 €

La Scénoféerie - The big show of Touraine

from 30/06/2018 to 18/08/2018 - SEMBLANCAY

Time turns back in the park surrounding the home of Jacques de Beaune, superintendant of finances under Francis I. Centurions, pilgrims and crusaders, horses and knights, fierce fighters, fair ladies and lovely damsels bring the Legend of the source to life.

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