Vincent Guidault, in charge of Ronsard House (Demeure de Ronsard, Saint-Cosme Priory)

Vincent Guidault Vincent Guidault © C. Raimbault - CG37
Your first memory

As a teenager, by the large closed gate at the Logis Royal in Loches, I had this feeling that something was going to happen for me in this place... And it was here that my calling for this profession developed a while later, when I was showing visitors around the logis.

Name a place

Starting from the Saint-Cosme Priory, the road from Saint Genouph to Savonnières, passing through Berthenay, follows the old levee from the Loire all the way to the confluence, where the royal river and the Cher come together. The essence of Touraine can be experienced while contemplating the Loire, its sandbanks, islands and shores!

Name a person you have met

I have great memories of Daniel Leuwers’s table, with some recently delivered “livres pauvres” (artists’ books). This former literature professor at the University of Tours, who rubbed shoulders with René Char, created a collection in 2002 – I would qualify it more as a human adventure - by inviting poets and painters to create small artists' books, original, hand-written painted works. This unique collection of over 1,300 books is currently located at the priory. It includes the works of poets and novelists such as Arrabal, Bonnefoy, Butor, Cheng, Cueco, Ernaux, Stétié, Tournier... and artists such as Aleschinsky, Parant, Titus-Carmel, Texier, Velickovic, Viallat...

Tell us about an unforgettable moment

When the stained glass windows were inaugurated at the Saint-Cosme priory, with painter Zao Wou-Ki, who is now deceased.

A pleasant surprise

A birthday dinner at “Le bout du monde” restaurant in Berthenay.

Name a savour

It’s hard to resist a tempting “fouée” (local bread specialty) withTouraine rillettes or fresh lightly-spiced sainte-maure cheese, along with a glass of saint-nicolas-de-bourgeueil from Gérald Vallée’s estate...

A photo opportunity

365! Every single day, I wish I could “capture” the special lighting on the Loire.

Practical information

Demeure de Ronsard – Prieuré de Saint-Cosme. Open year round. Admission: 5 € (adults).

Founded in 1092, the Saint-Cosme Priory is where poet Pierre de Ronsard spent his last days. The priory was tended to by 5 canons who wanted live away from society. The rose gardens and beautiful stone buildings contribute to the site’s charming and peaceful atmosphere.

An exhibition of Ernest Pignon-Ernest’s works, "Extases" will be held at the priory from July 5th through October 6th 2013, featuring imagined portraits of 7 major mystics, attesting to the Demeure de Ronsard’s ties with contemporary art, along with the 14 stained glass windows designed by Zao Wou-Ki.


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