Véronique Lourme

Véronique Lourme Véronique Lourme
Your first memory

My first experience in Touraine, in August 2006, can be summed up by an image that will be forever etched in my memory: a rocky headland, a castle at the tip of the promontory, a church with a jagged silhouette, and a keep like the ones I had learned about during my history and medieval archaeology studies... Loches, a golden opportunity for someone like me who was seeking work in the field of heritage development.  At the time I was studying for the architecture and heritage curator exam, and I only knew the city of Loches by name. On that day in August 2006, I felt like I had discovered a genuine treasure, and I still remember saying to myself: "This is where I want to live and work!" In November of the same year, I left my native Savoy. I adopted both Touraine and Loches at the same time.

Name a place

It's difficult to name just a single significant place in Touraine. I'll stick to Loches, across from the ancient keep, a place where time stands still. One feels so small compared to this stone giant, that even children are speechless when told that this monument will be celebrating its 1000 year anniversary, uttering a collective "wowwwww". Just thinking about a building that has seen so many centuries makes you want to travel back in time... If only that famous machine really existed!

Name a person you have met

Once again, it's hard to narrow it down, there are so many faces. Touraine has proven to be the friendliest region in which I have had the opportunity to live. Having lived in several major cities such as Lyon and Paris, here I have rediscovered that there is no such thing as anonymity and that everyone has a place. Neighbours who come to introduce themselves, co-workers who invite you over a few weeks after you've settled in, and homemade gingerbread in thanks for a guided tour! This humanity is something I discovered here.

Tell us about an unforgettable moment

My first guided tour of Loches, barely 15 days after starting my new job: the nerves, the fear of forgetting the dates of monuments, of not being capable of answering questions, and at the same, the desire to provide insight into this city that I was just getting to know. And 6 years later, I'm still learning new things every day. That's what makes this occupation so rewarding.

A pleasant surprise

A call from the city of Loches one day in October 2006: "Are you sitting down? We are expecting you to move into your office at the Loches heritage service as soon as possible to start your job as heritage curator." When all was said and done, I remained seated with a huge smile and a racing heart. A page in my life was turning...

Name a savour

More than a savour, a fragrance: the smell of rapeseed fields in early spring. Nature coming back to life, cloaked in an array of colours - what a great feeling. I had never seen such landscapes before.

A photo opportunity

Just one? More like hundreds! My camera has been on overtime duty since my arrival in Touraine! There are monuments around every corner (La Chartreuse du Liget and la Corroirie, Château de Montpoupon, Château de Montrichard, so many surprising places); the new colours with each season (the crimson reds of the Loches forest in the fall, the yellow and green crops in the spring); not to mention the many unusual views from the streets of Loches. It's hard to leave home without your camera in an area like this!

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