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Helicopter flight above Touraine Loire Valley Mélanie Durieux, Helicopter Jet Systems
Your first memory 

When I arrived in the region, in Amboise, I came from Reims and then Le Mans, and I found people so welcoming compared to the regions I had been in before. I immediately fell in love with this region, the beautiful scenery, the castles, the Loire, the gardens and tourists. The whole atmosphere makes you feel like you are on holiday all the time… (Well, nearly!)

A place  

I love Montpoupon, I find it restful and simply beautiful, and the same goes for the people who bring it to life! We work together, I like bringing our customers there. They visit the Castle and the Hunt Museum, take a walk in the woods, enjoy a meal at the Auberge du Château and have a lovely time. You arrive by helicopter through a small valley, and then all of a sudden you discover the Castle opposite us. Customers are always surprised and instantly fall under its spell! If you haven’t discovered it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s even better by helicopter, of course!

A face/a meeting

Not one but several meetings, first my friends, and then the professional environment that surrounds me every day, and all the people I have met in the last 15 years (already!), who helped me to develop my business in the tourist sector, who believed in my projects. Mr Thierry André from the Chanteloup Pagoda, with whom we set up our first “groups” product, Catherine (with her good humour and frankness), who showed me Montpoupon Castle, and its current owner, Mr Amaury de Louvencourt. Then there’s the whole team at the CDT, who are always there to listen, Pierre and Frédéric who advised me at the time and helped me put together my “individual” products. They introduced me to other tourism players in Touraine at the fairs where we all met up (always the same people in fact!), and all the current team of course! Not forgetting all the networks in which I try to play an active role, and the people in them…

A lovely surprise   

I’d only just arrived in the region, and on 5 July 1998, I had the honour of welcoming Prince Albert of Monaco (Charming!) when he descended from his helicopter at Amboise Castle, for the Count of Paris’ 90th birthday.

A flavour 

Tours rillettes (a pork speciality) and goat’s cheese! And there are so many great restaurants in this region...

A photo opportunity

When the Loire froze over recently, with Amboise Castle in the background...There were some beautiful shots, truly rare moments...since the last time the Loire froze over like that was in the 80s!


All year round, the company offers helicopter flights over the great sites of France. In Val de Loire, the great castles are obviously a must! There are many options available, from introductory flights starting at €65 per person, to fully bespoke packages.


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The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach