Laurent Meudic, owner of "La Balade Gourmande"

Laurent Meudic, owner of "La Balade Gourmande" in Tours, Loire Valley Laurent Meudic, owner of "La Balade Gourmande"
Your first memory

I would have to say a view of the Loire. Strangely enough, not the view from my childhood, but the view that I "rediscovered" after spending 10 years away from Touraine. And the idea for "La Balade Gourmande" was most certainly inspired by this image.

Name a place

The extremely captivating Grand Marché square, located at the renowned crossroads of gastronomy, tourism and celebration, where many styles come together and combine, far away from the "formatted" main streets.

Name a person you have met 

When I met the "Slow Food" volunteers from Tours, right when I was getting ready to open the shop. It's always an enriching experience to dialogue with people of diverse origins and ages, who share the same convictions regarding our food.

Tell us about an unforgettable moment

A bivouac on one of the Loire's wild islands, spending the evening around a campfire, with a little feast to go along with it of course... a timeless experience!

A pleasant surprise

A stroll through a delightful village, very representative of northern Touraine and unjustly ignored: Saint-Paterne-Racan.

Name a savor

I love the unexpected things about Touraine. So I'm thinking about a goat's milk jam that the southern Touraine goat breeders Claire and Sébastien introduced to me. Simple, original pleasure in a jar!

A photo opportunity  

It won't be a surprise to you if I mention the Loire, particularly at sunrise at summer's end, when the first birds emerge from the morning fog... A magical moment!


Located in the heart of old Tours, the boutique is without a doubt one the best places to find local products, not only for their quality but for their uniqueness. When the owner, Laurent Meudic, discusses his (many) finds, his enthusiasm is contagious: "Fraise Or" liqueur, pralines from Montargis, Vigean oils, terrine of fish from the Loire, quince preserves from Orléans, cola from Loëre, walnut oil from Touraine, shortbread biscuits from Nançay (Berry) as well as an excellent selection of natural Touraine wines. Delicious!


« La Balade Gourmande »

26, Place du Grand Marché  

37000 – Tours  

Tél : +033 (0)2 47 75 11 65

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