Guillaume Jouvin, le Clos d’Amboise hotel

Guillaume Jouvin, hôtel le Clos d’Amboise Guillaume Jouvin, le Clos d’Amboise hotel
Your first memory

It was a freezing cold day when the monumental doors of Clos d'Amboise opened on January 2nd 2010. We were visiting this enchanting place for the first time. The hotel was closed at that time of year. A truly unforgettable moment that would change our lives (geographically speaking).

Name a place

Le Clos d'Amboise of course, on a springtime morning, when the birds start singing, utter peace.

Name a person you have met

Still in winter, alone and face to face for the first time with Leonardo da Vinci in the St Hubert chapel at the Amboise castle. It was an experience that felt almost unreal, it was very moving.

Tell us about an unforgettable moment

In the springtime, flying over the Loire in a hot-air balloon, incredible.

A pleasant surprise

New experiences, over and over again, Touraine has so much to offer that there is always something more to visit.

Name a savour

Sipping a glass of 100% malbec wine on a winter day, around the fireplace in the Rabelais lounge at Clos d'Amboise, a rosé wine in the summer on the patio or by the pool, a sauvignon wine for any occasion (although better with oysters).

Editor's note: Experience these three savours as well, AOC Touraine wines are the perfect opportunity.

A photo opportunity

Just like savours, 3 photos are better than one:

  • The bicentennial magnolias in bloom at Clos d'Amboise in the spring.
  • Amboise and the chateau seen from the beach on the right bank, in the late afternoon: an essential!
  • And a beautiful hot-air balloon at sunset, hovering over the Loire with a castle in the background. 

Hôtel Le Clos d’Amboise, in Amboise

A designated "accueil vélo" (cycling hospitality) establishment, le Clos d’Amboise is a 12th and 13th century "hôtel particulier" with two 13th century Mansart buildings surrounded by 2,800 m² of formal gardens. 

Informations Pratiques

27 rue Rabelais

02 47 30 10 20

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