Clos to their heart in Touraine Loire Valley, France.

Close to their heart in Touraine Loire Valley Close to their heart!

Loire chateau owners, journalists, athletes, show business celebrities, chefs, artists... they all have something in common - they live in Touraine (or once lived here). For some of them, life in Touraine is a long-standing passion while others have fallen in love with the area more recently! Thanks to their participation, we have decided to share a little bit of "their" Touraine with you, through 7 recurring questions. On a regular basis, they will tell you about their greatest passions, their favourite places, their best memories and the specialties that shouldn't be missed. With so many different celebrities, you will have more than enough good advice to follow on your trip!

Vincent Guidault

Your first memory

As a teenager, by the large closed gate at the Logis Royal inLoches, I had this feeling that something was going to happen for me in this place... And it was here that my calling for this profession developed a while later, when I was showing visitors around the (...)

Chrystelle Laurent-Rogowski, manager of the Azay-le-Rideau castle

Your first memory

The peacefulness and beauty of the village of Azay-le-Rideau, which I now call home. My first stroll down the shaded streets of this charming little town.The smiles from the people. The smell of delicious fresh bread. The elegantly decorated and bright façades, (...)

Guillaume Jouvin, le Clos d’Amboise hotel

Your first memory

It was a freezing cold day when the monumental doors of Clos d'Amboiseopened on January 2nd 2010. We were visiting this enchanting place for the first time. The hotel was closed at that time of year. A truly unforgettable moment that would change our lives (geog (...)

Véronique Lourme

Your first memory

My first experience in Touraine, in August 2006, can be summed up by an image that will be forever etched in my memory: a rocky headland, a castle at the tip of the promontory, a church with a jagged silhouette, and a keep like the ones I had learned about during (...)

Patrick FARGUES, hôtel Biencourt in Azay-le-Rideau

Your first memory

During the first season when we moved here, in July 2009, I remember when touring the gardens at la Chatonnière castle, a haven of peace in a valley surrounded by nature.

Mélanie Durieux, Helicopter Jet Systems

Your first memory

When I arrived in the region, in Amboise, I came from Reims and then Le Mans, and I found people so welcoming compared to the regions I had been in before. I immediately fell in love with this region, the beautiful scenery, the castles, the Loire, the gardensan (...)

Christiane Mason, pâtisserie Bigot in Amboise

Your first memory

My very first? On June 12th 1949, arriving in Amboise on a summer Sunday. I believe I recall thinking "it's so lovely here, I'm going to stay!".

Laurent Meudic, owner of "La Balade Gourmande"

Your first memory

I would have to say a view of the Loire. Strangely enough, not the view from my childhood, but the view that I "rediscovered" after spending 10 years away from Touraine. And the idea for "La Balade Gourmande" was most certainly inspired by this image.

Laurence et Yannick Leguerroué, owners of a self-catering gîte and a bed & breakfast establishment

Your first memory

The city of Loches in the winter, when night was falling and the only sound that could be heard was the organ playing at the Saint Ours cathedral where a mysterious musician was practicing, oblivious to the magical atmosphere permeating the deserted city.

Florence Monteiro, President of the Renaissance Amboise Association

Your first memory

In 1992, promoting Touraine in a Renaissance costume for a week in Italy, with all the volunteer actors from the troupe. Performing excerpts of our piece in Milan, Florence and Rome, what a memory!

Marc-Olivier Gribomont, abbaye royale de Bois Aubry

An early memory

A natural, poetic site situated in the Richelais region, on which stood a majestic, 12th century building which was crying out to be saved from the unforgiving plundering of time and the elements – the Abbey of Bois-Aubry. A family, a tent as our only shelter, a (...)

Peter Hahn, winemaker. AOC vouvray.

Your first memory

The morning mist on the Loire... the extraordinary river that is the lifeline of Touraine.

François Saint-Bris, chateau du Clos-Lucé

Your first memory

Leonardo's kitchen at Clos Lucé, one of the haunts of my boyhood.

Emmanuel Alfaia – « Brasserie de l’Aurore »

Your first memory

Outings with friends to go to the movies, then to a bar in downtown Tours for a good beer, the evenings would wrap up with some good vinyl music, we would all share our latest finds.

Henri Clément, a devoted wine merchant!

Your first memory

The first dinners during the grape harvests, near Azay-le-Rideau. A friendly atmosphere at the dinner table, with many people (and many bottles of good wine).

Servane and Emmanuel Deuval, "La Deuvalière" restaurant

Your first memory

A surprise birthday party in the winter, near a monumental fireplace in a troglodyte restaurant.

Jean-Louis Sureau, director of the Château royal d'Amboise

Your first memory

A tour of the keep at Loches, nearly 25 years ago, guided by Mr. Jean Deshayes.

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