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Candé Estate


A new form of elite flocked to the Loire Valley in the early 19th century: bankers and top businessmen lived the château life. The Candé estate set a benchmark for the trend…Themed visits, guided tours, workshops, events…

  • Accueil vélo

Jardin Botanique

Botanic Garden


Laid out between the Loire and the Cher, the botanical garden is the perfect place for a good walk. To the south, the arboretum contains hundreds of tree varieties in a scientifically fascinating garden.

  • Parcs et Jardins en région Centre


From 6 €

Plaine de la Gloriette


Laid out over 40 landscaped hectares, this 'green breathing space' is a perfect site for outdoor activities (kites, cycling, games...) and a great place to learn about the beauty and fragility of nature.


Park of Richelieu


Around 1630, Richelieu had Free the château of Richelieu built making it the largest château ever built before Versailles. It was destroyed in 1805 except for the dome, the orangery and the wine storehouse.


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Museum of fine Arts and its garden


Formerly the Archbishop’s palace (17th and 18th centuries). Rich 18th century furniture, large collection of French and foreign paintings from the Middle Age to the 20th century. Masterpieces by Mantegna, Rubens, Rembrandt, Boucher, Delacroix, Degas, Monet, Rodin... Formal gardens. (...)


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Guided floral tour of Chédigny, both village and garden


Renowned specialists were involved in designing this park featuring several species of perennial and annual plants: decorative, medicinal, aromatic, shrubs, fruit trees and a Remarkable tree. Visitors stroll through a leafy nave with fruit and climbing rose bushes before stepping into (...)



Established in 1994, the Genillé arboretum gathers together around 80 different species which represent all of western Europe's major tree families. Located near the Indrois.

Potager en carre azay le rideau

From 8 €

Potager en carrés à la française


Kitchen garden tour, workshops, courses (learn about the “French-style square foot gardening” method). Square Foot Gardening School, gardening method designed by Anne-Marie Nageleisen.

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