The fascinating world of Vouvray wine

The fascinating world of Vouvray wine - Domaine Marc Brédif - Touraine Loire Valley Vouvray wine © Domaine Marc Brédif

Published on 04/12/2017

Read on if you’re planning to open a bottle or two of Vouvray wine during the upcoming holiday festivities, or for any other special occasion. Here’s a quick primer on this appellation at the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards.  

All about Vouvray wine

Consisting of a single variety, chenin, the Vouvray vineyard spans 2,300 hectares to the north of the Loire, spread out over 8 towns including... Vouvray! The area is somewhat off the beaten track:  when driving along the banks of the Loire, the hills are visible, especially in Rochecorbon where the yellow tufa stone cliffs are mirrored in the royal river. To get to the AOC vouvray vineyards from there, you will need get off the main road and take the winding country roads that go past a few troglodyte homes. Then you only need to follow the signs indicating "la route des vins du Val de Loire"a route that meanders through beautiful Vouvray wine country.  

The fascinating world of Vouvray wines
Copyright : Vouvray AOC

The various Vouvray wines

Sec (medium dry), demi-sec (sweet), moelleux (very sweet)... this white wine comes in these three different types, but there is also a generally well-known fourth type: fines bulles (fine bubbles).

The process to produce the “fines bulles” type involves a double fermentation technique, first in vats, and then in the bottle, with the addition of "liqueur de tirage” which consists of yeast and sugar. The bubbles develop during the second fermentation. The wine is bottled in the month of March following the harvest and then stored in huge troglodyte cellars where they are sheltered from light, at a stable temperature and level of humidity. The bottles of Vouvray fines bulles are placed horizontally on boards for several months, and then placed on slanted stands in order to prepare for disgorgement, the process of removing sediments before the final corking.

Wine cellars to taste Vouvray wine

To explore the world of Vouvray wine and prepare for the holiday season, the below-listed cellars are committed to providing tourists with excellent service. Five of them have even received awards for their excellent service!

In Vouvray: cave des producteurs de Vouvray (excellence label), domaine du Clos de l’Epinay (excellence label), Château Moncontourdomaine Champalouvignoble Brisebarredomaine de Monclos.

In Rochecorbon: Château Gaudrelle (excellence label)domaine Brédif (excellence label), Blanc Foussy (excellence label), Bourillon Dorléansdomaine le Capitaine. 

In Parçay-Meslay: domaine de la Chataigneraie.

In Vernou-sur-Brenne: Vincent Carêmeles Raisins dorés, Damien Pinon and Sylvain Gaudron.

In Chançay: Vigneau-Chevreauchâteau de ValmerAlain RobertJean-Charles CathelineauEARL Paris Père & fils.

Reugny: domaine du Viking

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