Tours Cathedral and the Psalette cloister

La cathédrale de Tours (Indre-et-Loire) Tours Cathedral

Published on 26/11/2017

The south tower of Tours Cathedral stands 69 metres tall, the north tower a mere 68 metres. Although its impressive size means the monument can be seen from afar, it is also well worth a closer look. Let’s go and see!

Tours Cathedral: 4 centuries in the making

Its real name is actually the “Cathédrale Saint-Gatien de Tours”, but the people of Tours in the Loire Valley tend to shorten its name. However, the time it took to build this splendid religious edifice was certainly not short, from the 12th to the 16th century!

A l'intérieur de la cathédrale de Tours - Crédit photo : Jean-Christophe Coutand

Copyright: Jean-Christophe Coutand

So there before your eyes, about a hundred metres from the River Loire, is a wonderful combination of different architectural styles, ranging from the Romanesque to the Rayonnant and Flamboyant Gothic to the Renaissance. 

The “Tours Cathedral Illusions”

Although you can visit the cathedral at any time throughout the year during a week-end break in Tours in the Loire Valley, when the warm weather arrives and night falls, you’ll be treated to a fabulous free light show projected onto the exuberant and exquisitely detailed façade.

Damien Fontaine is the man behind the “Cathedral Illusions”. He is a leading composer and stage director in this field, who also created the show at the Royal Château of Amboise, a Loire Valley castle, called “The Amboise prophecy”.   

Les illusions de la Cathédrale de Tours - Crédit photo : David Piton

Copyright: David Piton

The Psalette cloister

From inside Tours Cathedral, you can reach a place well hidden from view which nevertheless exudes a certain charm, combining beautiful architecture and tranquillity. Its ambiance is similar to the Saint-Cosme Priory (Ronsard Museum), on the outskirts of Tours in the Loire Valley.

The Psalette cloister belongs to the French National Monuments Centre and, as we see it today, dates from the 15th century. Of particular note is a replica of a staircase which François I had built at the Château de Blois, one of the Loire Valley castles.

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