Galerie.B: art to accompany your meal

David Béguin. Galerie.B: art to accompany your meal Galerie.B: art to accompany your meal © Stevens Frémont

Published on 12/11/2017

Returning to his home territory, chef David Béguin has opened a chic bistrot where food-lovers come to relish world cuisine while admiring the canvases and sculptures around them. This place impresses on all fronts…

On your plate of the 'Galerie.B' restaurant

Most visitors head to the Southern Touraine town of Loches for its beautiful traditional French looks, but you can experience another world visiting La Galerie.B, David Béguin’s restaurant. Here, the chunks of blue lobster may be prepared in a Thai sauce incorporating coconut milk, the beef entrecôte may be accompanied by a sauce flavoured with vanilla and the lychees may come in jelly, with fresh raspberries and a rose-flavoured macaroon. ‘‘I start from a traditional French base, adding quality produce that I’ve discovered on my travels,’’ explains the chef. ‘‘The idea here has been to create a chic bistrot that isn’t too stuffy, reflecting the spirit of world cuisine, with touches from Asia, the French island of La Réunion [in the Indian Ocean], etc...’’

David Béguin has become a connoisseur of flavours from afar. He notably worked for two years in the Caribbean. So he’s delighted to lead his customers on a journey through world cuisine at his Touraine restaurant, which opened in May 2013. ‘‘I’m originally from Montrésor [beside the Indrois River], so coming back to Touraine was a return to my roots after my voyage of discovery,’’ smiles the 39-year-old chef. ‘‘I wanted to open a restaurant in Loches in my image.’’

The Galerie.B - Restaurant in Loches. Loire Valley, France.

A restaurant and a art gallery!

His image is not only that of a culinary artist, as indicated by the already well-established reputation in Touraine for this ‘newcomer’ on the restaurant scene here, but also that of a patron of the arts, in some regards. The restaurant took over what was previously an art gallery, and as the restaurant’s name, La Galerie.B, indicates, it continues to promote the work of local painters, sculptors and photographers. ‘‘It’s a form of partnership,’’ declares David. ‘‘It allows artists to become better known as well as allowing my establishment to benefit from the changing scenery.’’


La Galerie.B 

26 Grande Rue, 37600 Loches - + 33 (0)2 36 05 45 32

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