Caves touristiques wine cellars in Touraine: discover the diversity!

“Caves touristiques” wine cellars in Touraine: discover the diversity! Caves touristiques wine cellars in Touraine: discover the diversity!

Published on 18/04/2013

With over a hundred "caves touristiques" wine cellars; Touraine boasts a wide range of wine-related tours. Vineyard estates, troglodyte cellars, museums, events... all including interesting tasting sessions with commentary. Delve into the fascinating world of wine tourism!

The vineyards on foot

3 vineyard estates have created hiking trails through the vines: Château de l’Aulée (with an audio-guide as well), domaine Pibaleau and château de la Grille. Guided tours are also available at Clos de l’Epinay as well as at Loges de la Folie. Domaine de Noiré provides a fascinating option with a hiking trail that links the cellar to the Royal Fortress of Chinon. A great opportunity to warm up before the key September event with an annual attendance of several thousands of hikers: Vignes, vins et randos!

Delve into the troglodyte cellars

A feature specific to the Loire Valley: Loire wines are often aged in tunnels dug into the tufa stone, where the ambient temperature and humidity levels contribute to bringing out the best in these vintages. Well hidden below the hills, visitors are often surprised by the size of these troglodyte cellars. Feel free to come and experience the cellars yourself, here is a selection (which is of course non-exhaustive): la cave  des producteurs de Vouvraychâteau Gaudrelle, Marc BrédifBlanc Foussyla cave des producteurs de Montlouis-sur-Loirela cave coopérative de Panzoult, the Pierre Sourdais and Plou & fils estates, and the Plouzeau estate. Important note: reservations are required to tour the underground treasures at domaine de la Jarnoterie and the Wilfrid Rousse estate.    

Wine growing and... contemporary art museums

Visitors will enjoy learning about the tools used in wine growing and the related explanations, and gain an understanding about the evolution of techniques and know-how as well as wine growing.  If you would like to know more, then check out château de Moncontourchâteau de Nitraycave du pays de Bourgueil as well as domaine Cathelineau.

At the Pierre et Bertrand Coulywine storehouse, a decidedly modern establishment at the gateway to Chinon, visitors can appreciate the contemporary art on display while they taste the wine!    

Wednesday delights... and weekends too!

Every Wednesday from June 12th through August 14th2013, domaine de la Chevalerie (AOC bourgueil) hosts a “binettes day” event (hoeing in the morning, lunch with wines from the estate, and “marienne” in the afternoon (in other words, a nap in the shade of a row of vines!). At the Nathalie et David Drussé estate, visitors can stroll through the Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil vineyard during a guided tour every Wednesday from June through September 2013, starting at 3 pm. 

Also of interest: each weekend from April through September, the AOC bourgueil wine growers take turns hosting open house days at their respective estates. 


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