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Published on 28/01/2016

Exclusive: interview with Leonardo da Vinci

500 years ago, the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci undertook a long journey from Italy to Amboise. What was his state of mind at the time? It’s a mystery, which we’ve tried to solve by conducting a pretend interview that’s not so far from the truth!

Published on 22/01/2016

Rabelais: A museum in an idyllic countryside setting

This is without a doubt one of the most charming places in Touraine. From Chinon, the road south takes you along picturesque farming landscapes all the way to La Devinière, the place where François Rabelais, author of Gargantua, was born. The farm he grew up in has become the R (...)

Published on 22/01/2016

St. Martin of Tours, 1,700 years on…

Some people have been looking forward to this anniversary for a long time, and some only have a vague idea of who St. Martin of Tours was. Whatever category you fall into, 2016 will be the year to walk in the footsteps of this extraordinary historical figure - it’s now or never! (...)

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The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach